And that's how you handle the media

With a mixture of amusement, contempt, and outright bare-knuckled aggression:

Watch the whole thing if you can. Roosh does a terrific job of owning up to what he has written. He does not apologise, does not back down, does not attempt to soften his message even in the face of extreme media hostility. There is one particularly irritating female questioner in there somewhere who badly needs a lesson in manners- every time she asks a question, she goes out of her way to keep interrupting Roosh while he is answering. I find Roosh's ability to keep cool and stay on point with his answers to be most commendable.

It doesn't matter whether you like or dislike Roosh. It doesn't matter whether you agree with him or not. It doesn't even matter if you think that his "How to Stop Rape" article was literal and not satirical. All that matters is whether or not you believe in a free man's right to speak his mind, and accept the consequences for doing so.

Roosh has never dodged his authorship of that article. He has never apologised for what he wrote. He admitted openly to his failure to get his basic point across in his responses to the media, and owned up to the problems in the article that led to those failures.

That is right, and just.

What is not right and just is to vilify a man who has done nothing more than attempt to speak his mind in trying to tell supposedly adult women that they are responsible for their own deeds and their own personal safety, to every bit the same degree as he is for his own.

The world's media would have you believe that Roosh is a rapist, a rape apologist, and a teacher of ways to rape. That you would have to be a blithering idiot- or a feminist, which is the same thing- to believe this is a given. What is appalling, though, is that the world's media not only did no research whatsoever into their target and his supposed heresies, but that they did so in almost complete lockstep with each other.

Roosh has now managed to do for men what #Gamergate did for gamers: he tore the mask off the world's media and destroyed their sanctimonious pretensions in full view of the public. For that, he deserves our admiration and support.

I am very different from Roosh. My aims are not his aims. My beliefs are not his beliefs. I do not agree with him about everything, but I greatly respect and admire him. I am proud to call him a friend and brother in the war for Western culture- even though, rather like him, I'm not a Westerner by background (or birth).

His fight is your fight now. There is no such thing as neutral ground. Choose a side- freedom, or slavery. It is that simple.

UPDATE: The Supreme Dark Overlord of the Evil Legion of Evil has done us all the courtesy of posting the full transcript of Roosh's epic takedown of the media.

Here is one rather good exchange with a female reporter who quite clearly needs to re-evaluate why she isn't in the kitchen making a damn sandwich:
Female Reporter: Do you acknowledge that any of your writing might be genuinely offensive or upsetting to some people? 
Roosh: So what? 
Female Reporter: Do you blame all of their reaction solely on media misinterpretation? 
Roosh: I blame them for not reading what I write, for taking the mentality of a 10-year-old kid. 
Female Reporter: Your writing is offensive on its face. 
Roosh: So what? So what? I have freedom of speech. Be offended, good, that means my writing got you. 
Female Reporter: So you acknowledge that you did provoke some of this yourself. 
Roosh: I acknowledge that as a writer my job is to get attention and I did it. Right? But so what if you are offended. So what if I make fun of you? Is that we're at right now that we can't write things that hurt people's feelings? Good, get offended, feel something, but don't lie. Don't lie. And that's what you guys have done.


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