Four children and a pregnant woman are among 10 people left seriously injured after a Dakar Rally competitor careened off the race track and crashed into a group of spectators. 
Guo Meiling, the first Chinese woman to participate in the competition, was driving a Mini Cooper when it ploughed into spectators near Rosario, Argentina, on Saturday. 
Footage of the incident appears to show the vehicle swerving to the left and the right of the dirt road before crashing into the gathered crowd on the side of the track. 
Four medical helicopters and eight local ambulances were deployed to take the injured to hospitals in the area. 
Daniel Modesto, a doctor at the Santa Francisca de Arrecifes hospital, told Argentine station TN that 10 people were treated for injuries, including a pregnant woman and four children. 
One child and one adult man were seriously injured. The child was airlifted to a larger hospital, while the man was transferred in an ambulance, he said. 
A statement from the hospital in Arrecifes yesterday said two people, a father and son, remained in critical condition. 
The accident occurred at kilometer 6.6 of the prologue to the 2016 Dakar Rally, which starts between Buenos Aires and Rosario.
Back when I attempted to define what CHS actually is, I came up with the following:
Curie-Hultgreen Syndrome might best be summarised as "a cognitive impairment disorder which results in the victim assigning undue importance and privilege to a woman in any given field of professional, scientific, academic, or martial excellence simply because she is a woman".
Commenter sysadm pointed out that Vox Day actually had a rather more succint, and far less kind, definition:
The historical tendency of the first female to accomplish something men already do to kill herself in the process.
Admittedly, in this specific case, Guo Meiling actually managed to avoid killing herself- as far as I can tell, anyway. She did, however, manage to come very close to killing others.

And she didn't even accomplish anything particularly special in this regard.

Note that, despite the Daily Mail article's rather disingenuous heading, this incident did not take place during the Dakar Rally proper. It took place at the 6.6km mark of the prologue to the 2016 rally. So in fact, "the first Chinese woman to participate in the competition" didn't actually manage to do what other men have already done before her, which is to start at the Dakar Rally in the first place.

I intend no disrespect to Ms. Guo herself. Driving at those speeds, under those conditions, is hard work. The average man cannot do it easily or well.

The problem is, we are not talking about averages here. We are talking about highly trained, highly experienced drivers who are supposed to know what the hell they're doing. And in this case, once again, a woman who was supposed to be able to compete with men showed that she simply couldn't. In the process, 10 spectators or more were seriously injured- one of them a pregnant woman.

Essentially, then, all that Ms. Guo managed to do was pull off something similar to, but less deadly than, the crash of The Galloping Ghost at the Reno Air Races in 2011. And in that specific case, the P-51 Mustang in question was flown by a 74-year-old extremely experienced and skilled pilot by the name of Jimmy Leeward. The crash itself, deadly though it was, happened due to a combination of mechanical failures, inadequate maintenance, highly risky modifications, and extreme aerobatic manoeuvres- not because of pilot error.

The NTSB report into the incident showed clearly that the crash happened because the aircraft suddenly pitched upward after experiencing a left-roll upset. This then induced a 17.3-gee stress on the aircraft, which incapacitated and probably killed Mr. Leeward, and tore off part of the elevator trim tab. The latter problem was pinned upon the use of old and worn attachment screws that simply could not handle the stresses placed upon them.

By contrast, what happened at the Dakar prologue appears- at first glance- to have been a clear case of driver error. I am happy to be corrected about this, however, as I'm simply going on initial raw footage of what happened and do not claim to be any sort of expert on either endurance racing or cross-country rally driving.

How many more have to be injured or die before we stop falling for this nonsense that women can do everything that men can? The argument is patently false and absurd- all you have to do is read through Martin Van Creveld's utter demolition of the myth of the Strong Independent Woman in The Privileged Sex to realise that women simply cannot and will not do dangerous, difficult, and physically intensive tasks as well as men can.

To be clear, I have no interest in banning women from doing things like driving in endurance racing. If they want to do it, let them take on the risks and dangers of doing so, and upon their heads be the responsibility when (not if) things go horribly wrong. But let us simply drop the pretence that equality of outcome is possible or even desirable. And let us stop encouraging or mandating women to do things that will get them, and other people, hurt or killed- with very very few exceptions, they simply do not have the ability, capacity, or willingness to take on the kinds of risks and dangers that men consider routine.

Curie-Hultgreen Syndrome isn't just actively stupid, it's dangerous as well- to both men and women. And if feminists actually cared about women as they claim to- but don't, in reality- they would quickly realise that attempting to force "equality" upon the sexes is going to get more women killed.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent5 January 2016 at 20:42

    It looks like she got her tires just off the racing surface, lost traction, and that was all she wrote. Happens all the time, especially on off-road racing surfaces. Not making excuses for her, but we'd need to know more about her previous racing experience (i.e. has she ever raced on gravel). Considering no one's ever heard of her, I doubt she has much. Of course, this is only news b/c the crazies at Drakar are allowed to hang out within 6 inches of the cars whizzing by, and they get a death every couple years. A wreck on a circle track would not be news, b/c Danica wrecks every week and nobody cares anymore.

    1. I think that's a fair set of points. I don't hold much of anything against Ms. Guo herself, other than the fact that she likely made a mistake that injured several people. But society simply needs to stop making a fetish out of female accomplishments when those same deeds are actively dangerous to both men and women, and aren't actually all that impressive when compared to things that more skilled and experienced men have done.

    2. Eduardo the Magnificent6 January 2016 at 22:47

      Agreed. I just don't think this was specifically a female driver issue. As much as libtards make a big deal out of female "accomplishment", the manosphere is equally as guilty at times poking fun at women when they don't really deserve it. This is one of those times. I've been a racing fan for a long time, and at off-road races there's several spin-outs or flat-out wrecks every couple miles. It's only news because people got hurt, which isn't rare at these rallies. She might in truth be a shitty driver, but this one incident doesn't necessarily prove that.

  2. I always love how Bill whittle encapsulates things.

    It's not liberal vs conservative, democrat vs republican, racist/sexist vs. egalitarian, or socialist versus meritocrat.

    It's busybody vs. individual. It always has been.

    1. It's busybody vs. individual. It always has been.

      Indeed. Bill gets it slightly wrong from time to time, such as his insistence on turning Vladimir Putin into a bogey-man. (I'm not a big fan of Putin myself, but I'll be the first to admit that he's a real leader, fundamentally different from the old Soviet Premiers, that the West should work with, not against.) But his basic argument remains consistent and powerful: those of us who simply want to be left alone are at war with those who would enslave us. And he is one of our most effective and articulate representatives on that subject.


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