The other white meat

At least some people in Denmark still have their heads screwed on correctly, and recognise that not only is bacon good for you- which everyone but Jews and Muslims KNOWS to be true for a FACT- but it is also works very well as orc repellent:
A Danish town has made it mandatory for public institutions such as schools to serve pork, in the latest development of what has become know as the Nordic country’s “meatball war”. 
Denmark is home to 5.6 million people and around 13 million pigs. Sales of pork products and live pigs account for more than 5% of the country’s exports and the product is considered integral to nation’s culture by many citizens. 
However, due to mass-Muslim immigration and multicultural zeal, at least 30 of the country’s 1,719 daycare institutions have completely banned it or switched to halal, Ekstra Bladet found. [Didact: Simple solution to that problem. Tell them: "The border is OVER THERE, NOW TAKE YOUR STUFF AND GTFO".]

This led former Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt to strongly criticise the nurseries that dropped pork from their menus in 2013, which sparked a national debate.
The town council of Randers in central Denmark has now responded strongly, voting to make the meat “mandatory” for the purposes of upholding Danish culture. 
The said they wanted to ensure municipal institutions such as nurseries provided “Danish food culture as a central part of the offering – including serving pork on an equal footing with other foods”. 
They also insisted that the aim was not to force anybody to eat anything that “goes against one’s belief or religion”. 
“We will ensure that Danish children and youth can have pork in the future,” Randers town councilman Frank Nørgaard told Randers Amtsavis. 
“We just want to ensure pork in our institutions for those who want it. This isn’t about a general distrust of our institutions’ leaders, but more and more places around the country are trying to sneak through [policies that say] there shouldn’t be pork served in the institutions,” Mr. Nørgaard added. 
The move has been welcomed by the anti mass immigration Danish People’s party (DPP), which said it was “unacceptable to ban Danish food culture”.
I have long maintained that providing heaping helpings of bacon is the fastest and most effective way to cure vegetarianism. It would appear that, among its very many other benefits, bacon will also prove to be a highly effective anti-immigrant deterrent.

Honestly, the Danish government should seriously consider encouraging grilled bacon and sausage vendor carts at every airport, border crossing, and seaport in the country. One of two things will happen: either the "poor benighted little brown brothers" will end up eating said pork, or those same little brown brothers will be so repulsed by the fact that Danes love bacon that they'll run screaming in the other direction.

Where's the bad?!?

Joking aside, there is absolutely no good reason why a sovereign nation like Denmark, with its own proud history and culture, should have to put those things away simply because a pack of orcs from a very different culture decided to move in.

If the tables were turned and 100,000 Scandinavians were to suddenly show up in Damascus tomorrow claiming sanctuary and demanding that the Syrians provide them with, among other things, smørrebrød and leverpostej on a daily basis, the most polite response they could possibly hope to get would be a swift boot up their collective arse.

Yet we are somehow supposed to believe that it is right and just for Muslim invaders- and that is the correct term- to demand cultural concessions from their hosts? And on what basis?

When American frontiersmen and settlers pushed out into the West and took away Red Indian lands from their former owners, they did so based largely on force of arms. They came, they saw, they conquered. Their opponents were strong, virile, and willing to fight, but they were technologically hopelessly outclassed and on many occasions outnumbered as well. You don't have to like these facts to understand that force- raw, naked force- is the reason why the settlers were able to legitimately create and impose their own culture upon those lands.

But in Europe's present case, the conquest is not taking place through force of arms or the expansion of a superior and stronger culture; it is taking place through the willful and self-imposed suicide of an existing culture that has, apparently, lost the will to live.

It is not as if the Europeans have no model of "separate but equal" mixed societies to work with. In India, roughly 20% of the population is Muslim- a far, far higher proportion than anywhere in Europe, even in the current climate. In the large cities, Muslims tend to cluster around specific neighbourhoods. They generally keep to themselves, but they have no problem doing commerce with pagan Hindu idolaters; Muslim butchers are often regarded as some of the best sources of freshly slaughtered meat, even if they kill cows (sacred to Hindus) and refuse to touch pork (which affluent meat-eating Hindus have no problems eating). Muslim restaurant chains that sell modern variants of classical Mughal cuisine do very brisk business throughout northern and eastern India.

The populations do not, however, play happy families. There are deep and well-known sectarian tensions between Hindu and Muslim populations throughout that country. What keeps the Muslims largely in line, and prevents them from overthrowing India's secular Constitution with shariah law, is that they know full well that if they act up, they are surrounded on every side by hostiles who will show them little restraint and less mercy.

That is the part of the equation that Europeans are forgetting- for now. They do not realise that the time for accommodation is long past, if it ever even existed in the first place. Demands from recent arrivals to conform to the requirements of the invading culture must be met resolutely with force, if necessary- which is a step that a brainwashed European populace is still reluctant to take, on the whole.

But the time when "survival cancels out programming", as LTC Kratman likes to say, is rapidly approaching. I, for one, would not want to be in Europe when the restraints finally snap and the Europeans wake up and realise that their entire way of life is being systematically destroyed before their eyes in order to accommodate people who look, speak, act, and eat absolutely nothing like they do.


  1. You missed something: _Armed_ grilled bacon and sausage vendor carts.

    1. *grin*

      Damn straight. I stand corrected, sir.


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