You know what the acronym means. And it is the only possible response to demands from a "Muslim advocacy group" called MuslimStern that Germans ban alcohol in order to help their little brown brothers from North Africa and the Levant integrate better into German society:
Germans need to ban alcohol if they want to prevent further sexual violence and to help North African migrants integrate into society. 
Commenting on the Cologne sex-attack controversy, MuslimStern, which has 20,000 followers on Facebook, said its mission was to 'highlight the way the media was using the incidents to promote racism against minorities'. 
The group complained that the female victims had brought the unwanted attention to themselves by dressing in a manner that North African men were not accustomed to. 
The group claimed: 'You cannot expect to chuck a naked antelope in front of a lion and not expect it to react. It is mind boggling that with so much time spent teaching children about sex at school, they completely forget to pass on this basic biological fact.' 
As a consequence of the attacks, they urged the German government to introduce a ban across the country on the consumption of alcohol. 
More than 520 women have reported assaults from New Year's Eve with at least three rapes which have been blamed on Muslim migrants who congregated around Cologne's cathedral during the night. 
Cologne's Muslim preacher Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf, who blamed women wearing perfume for the fact they were assaulted over the New Year, went on to justify it by saying that alcohol had taken away the restrictions of 'men from North Africa'.
Here's a tip to North Africans and Syrians who want to pretend that Germany is their new home: you're in Germany, so ACT LIKE GERMANS.

You're not going to win any brownie points among your hosts by acting like savages from countries where a good day is one in which a car bomb or jihadi attack doesn't take place. And you certainly aren't going to win friends among Germans by insisting that one of the very few countries anywhere on Earth that actually knows how to make good beer and good wine- at least, of the Spatlese variety- stop making both.

What angers me the most about these orcs is the fact that they are unable to observe the most basic rule of being a good guest: when your host offers you hospitality under his own roof and on his own terms, you live by his rules. Not by your own. It's just that simple.

I am one of those "little brown brothers" that liberals love to swoon over. The big difference between me and most other "little brown brothers", of course, is that unlike them, I'm not impressed or swayed by liberal stupidity. I live in a Western country with a Western lifestyle. I have precisely zero interest in imposing the standards and norms of my home country upon Americans- if I wanted to feel like I was back in the old country, I'd live in the old country.

So, if Muslims in Germany want to turn Der Vaterland into an approximate copy of Damascus, except with snow, then the only rational response possible from the Germans has got to be:

I wonder how much more provocation it will take before the Germans remember just how nasty they can be, and start dealing with their problems with typically Teutonic efficiency. If telling Germans that they cannot make or drink alcohol in public won't do it, what will?


  1. I've said it before: I don't care how people choose to attach meaning to the word 'demonic.' Whether the connotation is religious or more based on something like 'energy' or even a sort of mental 'virus', in that 'virus' would mean here something self-replicating and contagious in some way, but the state of humanity, in terms of its own desire to SURVIVE, is downright demonic.

    A calculated, meticulously-planned, end of Nations is underway. It's like nobody gives a damn. Sure, people will rant about it online and at the water cooler, but that's just about the extent of any action taken.

    1. Well, if you use the virus analogy, the only question that remains is what the host is going to do to protect itself from the thing that is killing it. In the end, either the host kills the virus, or the virus kills the host.

      In either eventuality, the result is ALWAYS going to be bloodshed. I suspect it will be so bad that the very idiots who thought unlimited immigration was a Good Thing will be treated the same way that war criminals were after WWII.


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