"First Kill"

The Vikings are BACK!

Hel's Teeth, that was positively BRUTAL. By Thor's Hammer, this sounds like it is going to be a positively AWESOME album. I cannot wait to hear it. The last four albums have featured a sound that can only be adequately described as "ear-raping"- but I honestly don't think that they've ever quite topped the sheer barbaric brilliance of With Oden On Our Side.

Twilight of the Thunder God has some truly spectacular moments on it- the standouts have got to be "Free Will Sacrifice", "Varyags of Miklagaard", and "Tattered Banners Bloody Flags"- but it's let down by some rather more drab tracks toward the end.

Surtur Rising was more of a consistent groove-crusher of an album, with a more or less uniform level of excellence throughout, but that level never quite rose to meet that of its predecessors.

And Deceiver of the Gods, while epic and brutal and brilliant, still somehow did not quite get the ingredients exactly right.

With this new album, though, AMON AMARTH has the chance to show that nobody does melodic death metal better than them.

And they'll be proving it LIVE to us too- they're playing all over the East Coast in a few months!!!


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