Saturday, 28 February 2015

Fond childhood memories

I grew up on a steady diet of great Saturday morning cartoons- G.I Joe, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Transformers, Dragonball Z, and of course Thundercats. They were all great fun to watch, they all told awesome stories, and they all were the heady stuff of fantasy that young boys thrive upon.

But there was one cartoon that just blew them all out of the water. Even He-Man. That cartoon was SWAT Kats.

The premise was absurd- two grease monkeys secretly owning and flying their own highly advanced fighter jet and fighting the forces of evil. The animation hasn't aged well relative to modern cartoons. The lines were cheesy and silly.

And yet this remains one of the most badass cartoons EVER made. Not least because the opening theme tracks for both seasons were EPIC. In fact, the opening themes are unquestionably a big part of the reason why I am a metalhead.

There are some pretty cool cover versions of these out as well:

The 90s... man, what a great time to be a kid!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

There is no such thing as "European Islam"

TMQ2 – The Infidel Country Club
They promise to match you at a deep level of compatibility... with 72 other guys
The Austrian government appears to be realising that the country's people might be on to something:
Austria has passed a significant change in the law which is designed to ferment a distinctly ‘European Islam’ and prevent undue influence from foreign groups and nations by restricting funding and forcing preachers to speak in German. [Didact: German-speaking Germans might object to the notion that Austrians speak German, but that's a different argument altogether.]
The move, which has been dismissed as “discrimination” by Austrian Muslim organisations comes as a new poll in the country shows a majority of Austrians “fear” the radicalisation of Muslims and felt natural Austrians and Muslims “coexisting” was “not so good”. [Didact: I never realised the Austrians had quite such a talent for Laconic wit.]
Although the new law significantly pre-dates the recent terrorist murders in Paris and Copenhagen, they will put Austria in the vanguard of European nations taking concrete steps to tackle extreme Islam and encourage proper integration. 
The new law, which replaces legislation dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, will balance rights and responsibilities for Austrian Muslims, reports Although all Islamic organisations and Imams will be banned from receiving money from abroad to prevent further foreign cultural indoctrination, they will be given the right to eat Halal food and see Islamic clerics for spiritual needs while at school, or hospital, in prison, or while serving in the armed forces. 
All Muslim organisations will be required to show a “positive approach towards society and the state” or face being outlawed, and Imams will be required to set a “positive example” to young Muslims by speaking only in German. In return, Muslims will receive the right to take Islamic holidays as days off work.
Anyone got a Scooby Snack? Oh, wait, those aren't halal.
Unfortunately, the Austrian government kind of sort of forgot something rather important. Namely, they forgot to check whether they're dealing with a religion, or a political ideology.

Given that Islam is a particularly virulent, deeply unpleasant, and thoroughly noxious ideology, treating it like a religion is very foolish indeed. The only thing that this new law is going to achieve is an endless series of lawsuits and appeals to the so-called "laws" of the European Union.

In fact, since it is already pretty well established that European Parliamentary law supercedes national sovereignty, it would not surprise me in the slightest if the Austrians wake up tomorrow morning to find the European Commission overruling them and declaring them to be in violation of some nebulous, nonsensical "human rights" issue.

Moreover, the Austrians- or at least, their government- fail to recognise that a "European" form of Islam will never come about.

The surprising thing about Islam's ideology is that it isn't actually as monolithic as some of its less well-informed critics would like to pretend it is. Founded as it is upon the power- and sex-crazed ramblings of a probably mythical lunatic, the outside observer is sometimes mystified to find that "orthodox" Islam actually exists in several different forms worldwide. They all emphasise different aspects of Islamic doctrine, they all have somewhat different attitudes toward the example set by their so-called "prophet", and they draw their belief systems from different descendants of that figure's successors.

Amusingly, they also spend quite a lot of their time very violently expressing their thorough dislike of each other. The Sunni can't stand the Shia. The Salafis absolutely abhor the Sufis. (And don't for one moment believe that nonsense about the Sufis being the hippy-dippy mystics of the Islamic world- they're some of the most violent and noxious LINs out of the entire bunch. The Chechens, who are some of the most violent Islamists in the world, are largely if not entirely Sufi.)

And they all hate the Kurds, the Druze, and the Baha'i. The latter three are highly unusual in that they actually tend to play very well with other faiths, which just goes to prove that simply being a Muslim does not necessarily mean that an individual immediately undergoes a mandatory lobotomy to remove any traces of humour, compassion, and decency from one's soul. Many of them are actually pretty decent; unfortunately, the ideology to which they subscribe is foul beyond measure.

Dhiyaa Al Musawi - Bahraini Intellectual & Writer on Arab ...
Hey kid, didn't you get the memo?
However, when it comes to the important features of Islam, except for the last three groups or faiths that I mentioned, they all agree on the central features. Namely, they agree that the world is divided into the House of Islam and the House of War; they agree that unbelievers and infidels are to be persecuted wherever possible; they agree that the laws of their "god" take primacy over the laws of Man; and they agree on the use of violent means to violent ends.

Exactly none of this is compatible with European secular representative democracy. Nothing in the Islamist ideology is compatible with notions about natural rights, or representative government, or individual liberty. Pretending that Islamists will become Europeans simply because Europeans want them to be, is pure folly.

The only answer to Islam is to remove its cancer from the host, completely. That means giving Muslims in Europe a very clear ultimatum: either renounce your ideology- meaning, give up any and all hope of political representation- or leave.

It's that simple. As long as the Islamic ideology is allowed to remain within the bowels of an already diseased and ailing Europe, the host will never be free of the poison that is killing it.

Nevertheless, it is heartening to see that the Austrians are at least beginning to recognise that they have a serious problem. There is hope for the future. Things are definitely going to get much worse before they get better- but never forget that the Reconquista took over 700 years to carry through to completion, and its completion resulted in a golden age for Europe in general and Spain in particular.

There is good reason to believe that Europe will push its invaders out once again, and that the banner of the Lord Christ will once again fly high and proud over its lands, as it rightfully should.

She never gets old

Well, it's far more accurate to say that Michelle Jenneke's warm-up dancing routine never gets old:

As for Ms. Jenneke herself, she's about 21 now and... well, this:

Michelle Jenneke, onze favoriete hordeloopster , is terug! Wat ooit ...
Somehow I don't remember hurdling being quite this interesting
The thing is, without the makeup and the hello-sailor outfit, she actually looks quite ordinary- mannish, even. But that great smile of hers is constant, and reminds you exactly why she has such appeal.

Back when this video went viral, a lot of clueless feminists wasted a lot of time asking what was so interesting about watching jailbait a teenage female athlete warming up to a soundtrack in her head. Our unfortunately dormant colleague Unleash The Beef got it exactly right in his response
She does everything. Everything like: 
1. Be young.
2. Be naturally pretty. There are lots of pretty 19 year olds. The problem is that most of them bleach-rape their heads and paint their faces heavily enough that they could stand in for any member of KISS and no one would notice. Especially now that Gene Simmons has tits. 
3. Exude joy. When was the last time you saw any American broad perform such a public display of exuberance? Well I’m sure if you work at the Cinnabon you see suburban land-walruses act this way all the time, but I’m talking about hot 19 year olds. When was the last time you even saw a genuine smile? Most 19 year old chicks wear the fixed scowl of middle class malcontent, unless, of course, it’s time to muster up some preconceived facial distortion for a contrived Facebook photo op. Michelle Jenneke couldn’t possibly fit any more smile on her face. Her smile is on a very short list of things in life that don’t bother me. 
4. Move like a motherfucker. She’s graceful, powerful, and athletic, all without appearing masculine or threatening to the male ego. In other words, unlike Serena Williams, she doesn’t look like she’d tear your dick off with her teeth, then chew and swallow it, all without breaking eye contact with you, just to show you what a pussy you are. [Didact: Despite the hyperbolic tone, he wasn't actually exaggerating by much.] When’s the last time any girl you know moved like Michelle Jenneke? Her hurdling is a thing of beauty and her warm up is the first step toward world peace. Most chicks her age can hardly navigate a flight of stairs due to the limited range of motion created by their tard-cut skinny jeans. Hurdles? Hurdles? It’s all they can do to keep their assholes from falling out of their jeans as they penguin their way up the stairs.
He finished off (heh) with a summary that was as poetic as it was truthful:
Michelle Jenneke’s high-octane femininity triggers an instinctive male hormonal response vastly different from the one seeking stimulation via streaming clips of themed interracial gangbangs. No matter how far one strays from nature, what’s intrinsic is undeniable. Michelle Jenneke is undeniable. She is the scent of grilled meat in the nostrils of a dying vegan.
Perhaps he phrased things a bit more crudely than I would, but the basic point remains: Michelle Jenneke was, and remains, a great example to young women everywhere, showing them exactly what it is that men value in them.

The essence of girl game is, like Ms. Jenneke's smile, constant: be happy and feminine. The rest is just accessorising.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Power Rangers gone mental

I never watched any of the various Power Rangers series growing up. I never understood the appeal of watching a bunch of overgrown Skittles-coloured teenagers waving their arms around, uttering lines that could only have been written by people tripping on acid, and fighting robots that looked so ridiculous that my eight-year-old self could have built better versions from LEGO blocks.

So I honestly have absolutely no clue what is going on in this "grim n' gritty" approach to the Power Rangers franchise, made up entirely of original material.

Doesn't stop it from looking and sounding pretty damn cool, though.

See also:

And that, my friends, is exactly how it should be. I don't care one flying fig about the alternate ending where the White Ranger sticks a sword through Scorpion's head. Ain't gonna happen.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Education or indoctrination?

Hey, lady, you mind getting out of the way so I can see the answer?
Some bloke asked me a question the other day related to one of my very first posts, the contents of which related to why one should not choose to study Economics in university these days. His (or her) question essentially came down to, "what major would you recommend other than maths and physics?".

Since the question was anonymous, I didn't bother to publish it- there really isn't any excuse for this sort of thing given what my blog says right at the top in BIG BOLD LETTERS.

Still and all, it's a worthy question, made more so because it doesn't actually have an easy answer.

42! The Answer is 42!

-answer-to-the-question-of-life-and-the-universe-of-everything-is-42 ...
See? Now you don't need to go to university. I just saved you 150K.
Before I discuss what I think are good alternatives to Maths or Physics as subjects to study in university, it is worth asking whether there is even any point to going to university in the first place.

Make no mistake- university education in the Western world is becoming ever more expensive, but the actual value that it delivers diminishes every year. In every way, it's a classic demonstration of the effects of socialism on an industry.

I make that parallel with good reason. Given that the student loan industry is now basically government-owned in the US, along with much of the housing and health care markets, there is absolutely no incentive for universities to keep costs low. Because the Federal government guarantees the balance sheets of Federally-subsidised student loan companies, and because student loans are a form of debt upon which one absolutely cannot default when declaring bankruptcy, universities and colleges know perfectly well that, no matter what happens, they will get their money.

In past years, if institutes of higher learning didn't do a good job preparing their students with some level of marketable skills or a degree that actually had some value, they suffered both directly and indirectly. Students that did not perform well would drag down the reputation of the university, would fail to secure good jobs with their degrees, and as a result would be economic dead-ends when the endowment fund would send around its annual collection envelopes to beg ask for donations from alumni. When students were paying with their own savings and money, or when parents were footing the bill, such institutions had to function in a competitive and difficult market where cocking up meant the loss of revenue, reputation, and grant money.

Now, though, universities are able to get away with increasing their tuition fees at a rate that vastly outstrips inflation. The actual increase is... well, mind-boggling:

Education in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This graph is the exact opposite of what you would expect to see in a free market for education, where costs decrease while quality increases.

The results are plain to see. University graduates these days are entering the workforce totally unprepared for what awaits them. Grade inflation is endemic throughout the Ivy Leagues; in fact, as difficult as Harvard is to get into, it has become the joke of the Ivies because of its utterly absurd grading curves. Dartmouth, once known as one of the WASPiest and highest-quality of the Ivies, is now regarded as a great place to go to party for 4 years. Columbia has given us such spectacles as Emma "My F**kbuddy Totally Raped Me On My Mattress" Sulkowicz, who quite clearly made up the entire story in order to ruin the reputation of a man who thought he was her FWB.

At the undergraduate level, at least, for the most part universities have long since ceased to be centres of learning and education, and have become no better than indoctrination camps. Instead of giving promising students an environment in which to study specific subjects and learn specific skills, universities are becoming credential factories.

The students who emerge from them are coming out bereft of real-world skills, brainwashed until their grey matter has turned to mush, incapable of performing the simplest tasks in an office environment, to the point where you have to keep fresh grads away from anything other than the coffee machine and the photocopier for the first couple of years of their existence within your company before you can let them take on any kind of responsibility beyond the muffin and bagel order for the next meeting.

think fast food workers just need
There but for the grace of God...
Fortunately, it's not all doom and gloom. The phenomena that I have described apply in general terms, but there are subjects that you can study that are still worthwhile and useful in the real world, giving you real skills that can be put to good use in various disciplines.

Here is a brief rundown of the top three subjects that are NOT Physics or Mathematics that I think a young man can study and make use of in later life.

1. Engineering

First things first: not all engineering degrees are created equal. Nuclear engineering is about as advanced as you can get short of doing a PhD in nuclear physics. Aerospace and nautical engineering are probably the next hardest, dealing as they do with thermodynamics, chemistry, computer science, and applied mathematics in one giant bundle of holycrapthisishard. Mechanical or chemical engineering are solid choices and I recommend them strongly for the quantitatively inclined young man who doesn't mind a bit of hard work and skull sweat.

Civil engineering sits, rightly, at the bottom of the engineering hierarchy in terms of prestige. Don't study it. You won't be taken seriously by your peers or by most employers- well, at least, not the ones who actually pay good money.

2. Computer Science

By this, I mean actual programming. Not "management of information systems" or "network engineering". I mean real, down and dirty, staying-awake-until-4am coding C++ classes computer programming. This stuff is hard.

The single most important skill I took with me from my Master's program was computer programming- and I'll readily admit that I absolutely stank at it during that time. I had to figure it out on my own afterwards, working in VBA and R. (VBA, by the way, is a misfire-waiting-to-happen of a language- very useful for learning how to code, but damned dangerous because of its utter lack of controls and security.)

Learning how to code and program forces you to think in a disciplined way, first channeling your energies into solving a problem logically in linear fashion, then allowing you to approach a problem from many different angles laterally.

3. Operations Research

This is something of a multidisciplinary field. It combines ideas from applied mathematics, computer science, and behavioural sciences into a field of study dedicated specifically to improving efficiency in designed systems. It teaches you how to think in logical, structured ways, taking into account many different variables that affect ordered systems, and allows you to figure out the links between different aspects of a single big problem. It's not an easy subject and requires strong numerical abilities as well as a good work ethic.

Here's a Little Secret...

Note that I didn't mention a single humanities or liberal arts subject. That's because, as far as I'm concerned, these are a colossal waste of time. If you want to learn about Mediaeval English literature or Renaissance art or the history of the Roman Empire, there are virtually endless resources available outside of a university, for free or at very low cost, on the internet that a serious and dedicated student can take advantage of at any time.

There is no need to go to a university and drop the equivalent of a three-bedroom house in Richmond, VA, on a four-year "education" that teaches you nothing but nonsense and serves to do nothing but bolster your entirely unjustified sense of self-esteem.

The reality is that most university degrees are completely...

Go read his book, he explains in great detail exactly why I am right- and, by extension, why the good Captain is right too.

Bottom line is that any hard, quantitative subject that requires logic, reason, a strong work ethic, and the willingness to grind through difficult problems, is and will likely always be a strong buffer against the cultural Marxist propaganda immersion that is the modern 4-year undergraduate college degree.

But really, if you're a bright young man today and you want to get a real-world education, don't go to university, because you won't get one. Instead, start up your own business; travel the world; read good books at every possible opportunity; and pay attention to the lessons of your elders and betters. I promise you that by the time you get to your mid-twenties, you'll be in a far better place than the people who went to their local degree mill.

Monday, 23 February 2015

"It makes liberal-sense"

such followed i zone he whole bravo womans television bravo
Liberalism, according to liberals
Sarah Hoyt, the Evil Legion of Evil's resident Beautiful But Evil Space Princess, had some most amusing remarks to make about just why it is that liberals are so blind to realities staring them right in the eyes in the context of the ongoing and evidently highly successful attempt to turn SJW heads into IEDs through the Sad Puppies campaign:
I was wrong. They can be that stupid. In fact, they can be that stupid with flares on and a little outboard motor to get to dumb as heck FASTER and with more style. 
Do these poor creatures get an ironioctomy at birth? Don’t they know “do it for the children” has been a joke phrase since the nineties? 
And do they honestly, in their heart of hearts think that all the other side writes is “adventure stories”? REALLY? Hell, the story I mentioned the other day, Tom Bailey is more of an introspective memoir than an adventure story. And has anyone who read my stories, particularly short stories, HONESTLY think all I do is “adventure stories”? (Oh, like Thirst or What She Left Behind, or Never Look Back, or….) 
And I realized what we’re facing is not just people who are stupid (though a few of them are. And it’s not made better by their thinking their political ideology makes them “smart”) or people who are crazy (though a lot of them are, particularly the ones who honestly think humans are not influenced by sex hormones int he way they think.) No, what we’re facing are the deliberately blind, the ones who put out their eyes so that they can avoid seeing “the wrong thing” and questioning received wisdom. 
This is one of the great sins. It is a sin that enables all other sins, too, because if the received wisdom demands you believe some people are not human, you can’t correct for it if you’ve deliberately blinded yourself to all expressions of humanity from those you are told are the enemy. 
And that is what we face. And that is what we fight. People who deliberately believe in lies. 
I was talking to my friend Bill Reader about “If You Were A Dinosaur, My Love” and I told him my moral certainty that the story started as a gay short story (I have a vague idea that I might have published with Abyss and Apex [I’m reliably informed that I maligned Abyss and Apex, and the silly dino story came out in Apex. OTOH I still don’t remember if I was published in Abyss and Apex], maybe, unless they were the ones who sent me a rejection saying I clearly had never been in another country and was “a narrow minded pain” — I can’t remember. After 120 short story publications, they all run together. However I do know that my stories with gay protagonists, like Songs or Never Look Back got a lot of pushback and editors saying “if you just change it to” before someone published them as is. No, I don’t know why. There’s nothing shocking in these stories. But progressives imagine the rest of the country are homophobic troglodytes. It’s important for their self image. Which is part of the point I’m trying to make.) “Not because it makes more sense that way,” I told him. “But because liberals are convinced any gay man entering a rural bar will get beaten to death, even though the instances of exactly this occurrence are… let me see… I’m thinking… exactly zero percent a year.” And he said “No, I know what you mean. It makes liberal-sense. I’ve started calling this “para-logic.” I.e. the sense that they live in a parallel world, and if you buy the premises of that world, instead of your lying eyes, and believe that the rest of the country are frozen somewhere between the middle ages and the imaginary 1950s filled with Stepford Wives, then their stories and actions make perfect sense.
Not to steal Ms. Hoyt's thunder or anything, but Ronald Reagan put it rather more cuttingly back in 1964:
Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.
The Gipper was referring to the exact same problem with liberalism that the most talented Ms. Hoyt was pointing out in her blog post. The difference, of course, is that Ms. Hoyt attempted to do so by way of oblique references and hilarious GIFs, while then-Mr. Reagan had to make do merely with his superb powers of oratory.

What You Can't See CAN Hurt You

Monkey See, Monkey Do
He just read Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism
The phenomenon in question here is ideology. It is perhaps the single most dangerous phenomenon on this Earth. And once you understand what ideology really means, you will understand why.

The dictionary definition of the word means, essentially, a body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group. And once you see that definition, it should become immediately obvious exactly why ideology is so dangerous.

The problem with ideology is and has always been its basis in myth, doctrine, and belief. An ideology rarely proceeds axiomatically from rigourously tested first principles, explained through the most parsimonious logic possible. Instead, ideology must, in order to sustain itself, craft narratives and myths that are often utterly at odds with the daily reality of the world.

If done correctly, the result is the creation of a belief system so profound and so weighty that it is capable of acting as an anchor for a person's entire sense of self and being. To question that ideology would be to cut oneself adrift from the paradigm through which one views the world, thereby putting oneself completely at sea, without any frame of reference in a world that suddenly no longer makes the slightest bit of sense.

The derper deeper you go into an ideology, the more warped the world around you appears, and the less you are able to make sense of it through regular tools like empirical evidence, a priori deductive logic, inductive logic, and simple observation. To resolve the vast cognitive dissonance between the world you see and the world you are told to see, you have to invent narratives and myths to sustain your point of view, as Ms. Hoyt's friend so aptly points out.

And that is what makes ideology so dangerous. When you understand that ideology is not fact or reason, but is indeed the antithesis of these things, you will quickly come to understand just why it is so dangerous to human happiness. And you will also quickly understand how to defeat it.

"Not Listening! Not Listening!"

You have no idea how much fun it is to paint liberals as warped, stunted unwitting servants of all-consuming evil

Let me give you a very simple, very well-known example.

About 15 years back, a very liberal Harvard sociology [*snigger*... sorry, but I'm a mathematics major and I DO NOT consider "sociology" to be a real subject] social sciences professor by the name of Robert D. Putnam published a book called Bowling Alone, which pointed out, among other things, that while forced desegregation in the United States via the Civil Rights Act had greatly increased the number of people taking up social sports like bowling, the actual number of social leagues associated with those sports had undergone massive declines.

The basic result of his research was that more diversity equals less trust. This was a direct contradiction of a good thirty years' worth of progressive ideology that multiculturalism, plurality, and diversity are always and everywhere Good Things that Must Be Encouraged.

Dr. Putnam followed this up with a massive study in 2001 of some 30,000 people and some 40 cases nationwide that reinforced this point in a much more general set of situations. More diversity did indeed equal less trust; in fact, increased diversity frayed the bonds of social trust to such a degree that various ethnic and racial groups simply didn't want to have anything to do with each other.

Again, this is in direct contradiction to the kumbaya theories that the liberal ideology takes as gospel truth.

The study itself is pretty interesting. More interesting by far, though, is Dr. Putnam's reaction to his own data. He sat on his own conclusions for 6 years before he finally published it, even though he released the actual data early on. When he did publish his study, the "conclusion" section essentially consisted of a lot of finger-wagging lectures about the importance of "education" to furthering a multicultural society- even though HIS OWN DATA had controlled for this.

It is worth taking note of just how painful the stripping away of such pretty lies can be to liberals. The moment their carefully built house of lies shatters, they are exposed to such severe mental anguish that they tend to run screaming from it as fast as they can- or, worse, they double down and try to explain away the defective nature of their ideology through such severe contortions of logic and such selective interpretations of facts that one is left to wonder how they can tell up from down and black from white.

It is the same, incidentally, with Marxism in general. The greatest lie ever told by Karl Marx- among a very great many- was that his system of socialist thought was somehow "scientific". This is utter bunk. Marxism is entirely an a priori system, totally unscientific and totally incapable of empirical analysis, based on ridiculously unsupportable assumptions and with exactly zero predictive power. If it were truly scientific, it would have been thrown upon the trash-heap of history decades ago, and the suffering and misery of tens and hundreds of millions of people could have been avoided.

But it was not, and more than 150 million died because ideology could not accept any deviation from its worldview.

Tolerance Uber Alles!

Thread: 50,000 Rounds in Six Months: The HK P30
And you wonder why hippies are so damn annoying
Now at this point you might very well find yourself asking how I have any idea in the world of what the liberal ideology might be, given that I am one of those fire-breathing extremely right-wing paleolibertarian nut-jobs who thinks that the US Constitution is sacred writ and that the best possible defence against aliens, both illegal and extraterrestrial, is a properly sighted AR-15 fully loaded with hollow-points and equipped with a bayonet in the hands of every citizen in the country.

Thing is, though, I didn't start out that way. I got to this point after many years of careful examination of the various doctrines that I had been raised to believe throughout high school and university; when I realised that what I was told didn't match up with what I could see with my own two eyes, it quickly became obvious that ideology didn't work, and common sense did.

How do I know about this stuff? That comes down to the work of a chap named Kurt Hahn.

Mr. Hahn is revered among lib-progs for his vision of youth leadership in diverse communities pushing the world forward into greater peace, harmony, tolerance and understanding. (I'm paraphrasing somewhat, obviously.)

That kumbaya philosophy expresses itself today in the United World College movement. It just so happens that I attended one of the UWCs for my last two years of schooling.

Now at that point, I was a pretty cynical teenager, and I wasn't there to deal with any hippy-dippy nonsense about "getting involved" and "being a global citizen". I was there to finish high school and GTFO, and that was it, so I managed to avoid most of the worst of the brainwashing. Unfortunately, I was still just a teenager, which is a sub-species of human not always known for the ability to exercise discipline or good judgement.

That is where I absorbed the tremendously damaging ideologies of neo-Keynesian economics, of the "blue pill" when it came to women and relationships, and of the utterly counter-factual belief that MOAR SCHOOLING is always and everywhere a Good Thing.

It took me years to undo the damage. I'm still in the process of undoing the last of it. But I was lucky- I was able to figure a lot of this stuff out on my own.

Most liberals don't have a hope in Hell of figuring it out. They're just too wedded to their ideologies, and they'll never escape from them. And one day, very probably sooner rather than later, they will be destroyed by their ideologies, by the failures of their false gods.

The Red Pill as Anti-Ideology

The beauty of the Red Pill, or of rediscovering masculinity, or however you want to phrase such an awakening, is that suddenly the world around you makes sense again.

Suddenly, you really can judge people based on the content of their characters- because it doesn't matter whether they're straight, gay, bi, or whatever, as long as they are fundamentally decent individuals who leave you alone and don't interfere with you. And you recognise that there is nothing wrong whatsoever with simply wanting nothing to do with certain people, since you recognise a survival instinct for what it is. This is something that SJWs are simply incapable of understanding, because it conflicts so completely with their ideology, which ranks people according to skin colour, place of origin, and sexual orientation.

Suddenly, you see through the lies that government keeps telling you as it tries desperately to justify its hold over you and its power to rob you blind at will.

Suddenly, you see women for what they are- frail, fallible, in need of masculine strength and leadership. You may even grow cynical of them and weary of their presence, because you come to realise that, deep down, All Women Are Like That.

Suddenly, if you are fortunate enough to hear His voice, you see that God was there all along, by your side, trying to reach through the clouds of ignorance and folly that blinded you to His majesty and His compassion. And if you do a bit of reading and some research, you'll quickly come to realise that, when stripped of all the flighty rhetoric and ceremony, the Judaic and Christian faiths are derived rigourously from axioms that have stood the test of time and which continue to provide an unshakable moral foundation upon which Mankind can build.

Suddenly, you find that reading is once again a pleasure unto itself. No longer are you worried about whether a book has the "right message"; all you care about is whether the author can weave a great story.

And suddenly, you just don't give a damn what anyone else thinks of you. You see the people around you for what they are. You see them for the flawed creatures that we all are- capable of both great and terrible things, full of potential, yet hampered by our own ideologies.

It turns out that defeating ideology is really quite simple after all- it just isn't easy. All you have to do is keep pushing against it, keep hammering away at its inability to recognise the dangers created by its own reflexive refusal to see what is inconvenient and scary. Push hard enough, and every ideology fails and falls, leaving its followers to suffer in the wake of its passing.

Ideologies always fail because they always deny reality. Ultimately, that is how you defeat any ideology- you stand up to it, no matter how murderous it is, no matter how intimidating it tries to be. The one thing ideology cannot tolerate is resistance to its creeds- and if you resist hard enough, it, and not you, will be the first to break.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

A brief history of cultural Marxism

If you've been observing modern Western society for any decent length of time, you have seen just how rotten and diseased it has become. You have seen how its fundamental values have been traduced and destroyed, one by one. You have seen how abominations such as gay "marriage", radical feminism, gender studies, multiculturalism, and political Islam have become protected institutions, supposedly immune from criticism by those of us who dislike their outcomes. And you have seen the utter devastation wrought upon Western culture, where facts, logic, and reason are thrown straight out the window in favour of "feeeeeeeeelings".

How did this catastrophe come about? Well, it's a rather long story, but if you need a simple primer, this is about as good a one as you're ever going to find:

Saturday, 21 February 2015

The sackless Thor

If this is what the new, female version of Thor has to offer, the world is better off letting Loki win:

I thought the point of a comic was to entertain?
"Feminist" is actually a worse four-letter word than "NAZI"
This HAS to be some kind of horrible joke
Next thing you know, this new Thor is going to turn into a lipstick lesbian who just loves to wield her hammer on a Valkyrja from time to time, yaknowhatImeanrite?

Somehow not quite as hot as I pictured it
So this is what comic books will ALL look like if the SJWs get their way: dull, tedious, impossibly stupid, unreadable garbage. What are they going to do next, turn Batman into a whiny emo bitch who cries all the time about how horrible it is his parents were so privileged that they had it coming when they were shot by a peace-loving but starving non-cisgendered white male?
Batman Horror. The tags will tell you if it's mine... I like this. Not sure why you're in the red.
There is not enough eye-bleach in the world to wipe away this horror
Hey, they can jack off to this stuff all they like- but when you compare the drivel that you saw above with the actual poetic and prose Eddas of Snorri Sturlursson, which form the basis of the legend and lore of Almighty Thor, you will quickly realise that Marvel cocked up in epic fashion with their godawful "reboot" of one of their most beloved heroes.

It's so bad, in fact, that I'm wondering exactly why Odin doesn't hurl Gugnir straight through Marvel's headquarters in New York.

Meanwhile, north of vag, this is what the real Thor is supposed to be like, rather than the giant metaphorical and literally pussy that Marvel Comics seems to think she he is.

Dragons of Western Cultures: Pt. 1
Thor’s Battle with the Giants” by MÃ¥rten Eskil Winge (1872)
Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder God

These guys are the only band in the world qualified to write the soundtrack to Ragnarok

Friday, 20 February 2015

The anti-feminine package

gaugues, girl, hair, piercing, plug, tattoo
Christy Mack Prof. of Skankology, Accidental Trollop University

"Let Me Tell You a Story to Chill the Bones, 'Bout a Thing That I Saw..."

Ladies and gentlemen, if I may ask for your indulgence, let me spin you a little yarn.

It's the tale of a young man devoted to his family and his friends. He was blessed to grow up with two parents who love each other very much, who have been together for decades, and who were committed to raising their children to be strong, capable, intelligent, and independent.

He has a sister, considerably younger than himself, who he loves very much. Growing up, they always had the usual "sibling issues", but by the time he went off to university, they had sorted themselves and each other out; they were, and remain, very close.

A few years ago, that same sister went off to college, in America. This man, living and working in America as he was, would often have his sister over at his apartment to stay with him, whereupon he would always do his level best to spoil her rotten. This was very much appreciated by both parties and by their parents, who were happy to see their little girl being well taken care of.

Yet this man, having come upon the wisdom of the Red Pill shortly after his sister went to university, was ever observant over time, and he could see the pernicious effect that undergraduate so-called "education" in America was having upon his beloved little sister.

At the end of her first year, she spent a good deal of time babbling about her desire to study something calling itself "linguistic neuroanthropology" for her major, the content and value of which this man simply could not comprehend despite having a Master's degree in a highly quantitative discipline. He tried, with some success, to dissuade her from pursuing a college degree that would in the end be worth less than the paper it was printed on.

By the second year, his sister- who had always had weight problems- ballooned significantly due to the usual toxic mix of alcohol, high-starch food, and lack of exercise that is so common at American liberal arts colleges. Their parents gave her a very hard time that year to do something about her weight, especially since they could see that their son had experienced considerable success in dropping flab and gaining muscle through simple application of hard work and dedication to the Iron God.

Even so, my friend retained some hope that his sister would turn out all right, that college wouldn't turn her into some sort of uber-feminist harridan.

But by her third year in college, that hope was well and truly shattered. She went and got herself a tattoo- a large one, not easily hidden- on the grounds that she had every right to do it, being an adult and a grown woman and having paid for it herself, etc. As a principled paleolibertarian, my friend could only voice his strong objections based on cosmetic and moral grounds, but could not in good conscience tell her that she was wrong to do it.

And when she came home for the annual family holiday at the end of that year, he found her almost impossible to talk to; the fun-loving, witty, warm little brat that he'd loved and protected all of her life had turned into a sarcastic, foul-mouthed, unapproachable bundle of neuroses and feminist talking points.

Things improved after she graduated, but not by much. And when she came home last year, he saw that she had taken a lawnmower to her hair, given herself a "Skrillex haircut", and dyed part of her hair a bright neon colour. Her tattoo, of course, was still very much in evidence.

And when the usual family discussions kicked off about Man's rights, the place of government in a free society, and Man's relationship with his fellows, he found himself facing a deluge of nonsense about "social justice" and "privilege" that required him to refrain from slapping down such silliness a la Vox Day in order to preserve peace in the household. Given his highly argumentative nature, and the depth and breadth of his knowledge on those subjects, it was not easy.

To top it all off, just recently he said, a note of slight despair in his voice, that she'd just gotten her nose pierced. As he said that day, "tattoo, Skrillex cut, and nose piercing- Lord help her, she's gone and gotten the Unholy Trinity".

The astute reader might infer from all of this that he was, perhaps, less than thrilled about his sister's choices.

Yet, as he pointed out in a voice filled with both weary resignation and a loving brother's worried foreboding, he could not stop her from making these choices. As a responsible and educated adult, they were hers to make.


Female armor in RPGs
And with good reason
He is right to be concerned. What his sister has done may well make her feel good, right now. But those choices send a very clear message to those around her: she does not value her femininity.

This is, sadly, a very common story in today's day and age. Women are told incessantly by their peers and teachers and parents and co-workers that they can do anything and be whatever they want to be. Putting aside certain biological, physiological, and psychological realities getting in the way of such treacly sentiments, there is nothing particularly wrong with this advice (subject to the aforementioned caveats, of course).

However, young women are also being told that the key to being strong and independent is to look and act like men- ugly men, at that. And that is where things go quite horribly wrong. By taking and acting on such advice, women immediately devalue their most important asset- their own femininity.

By cutting their hair, women immediately destroy one of their most obvious and visible cues of health, beauty, and fertility.

By tattooing their flesh, women immediately desecrate their bodies with ink-work that will, more often than not, stay with them permanently- and will deform, wrinkle, and sag along with the rest of their skin.

By piercing various body parts, women immediately festoon themselves with ugly, non-functional bits of metal that do little or nothing to enhance their appearance.

(By the way, it is common in South and Southeast Asia for engaged and married women to pierce their noses with a simple metal ring. As a matter of personal preference, I must confess that I've never much liked that look, regardless of a woman's origins. Indeed, women who pierce their noses often have to be festooned with decorative marriage jewelry in order to look good with them- mostly because the other jewelry serves to distract one from the ugly piercing.)

Indian Bridal Jewelry Sets
It doesn't even make Aishwarya Rai look good
A woman who does all three things at once may well feel "empowered" and "strong" by doing so, at least for a little while. But there is a very real price to be paid for such folly.

By degrading her femininity in such a fashion, a woman sends out very clear signals- whether she intends to or not- to others about what kind of person she is. Even if said woman is decent and chaste and virtuous in everyday behaviour, her willingness to treat her body as a theme park will transmit the exact opposite message to other men and women.

Women who make these choices can and must be held responsible for the consequences of their actions. Which is why, ultimately, my friend knows full well that the day is likely to come when he will hear his sister asking why she can't find a good man to settle down with, who will treat her like the lady that she has been told she is. And he will have no choice at that point but to deliver a needle-sharp dose of reality right between the eyes to someone that he loves, possibly hurting her very badly in the process:
It's your own fault, you now understand why I was right, and now it's too late.

Get well soon, Bruce

in jokes as well as soon as well as electric
IRON MAIDEN's very own Bruce Dickinson- who rabid MAIDEN fans like me generally prefer to as "the second coming of Christ", or "GREATEST. FRONTMAN. EVER."- is recovering after being treated for a cancerous lump on his tongue:
The cancer was diagnosed during a routine check-up just before Christmas and Dickinson has just completed a seven-week course of chemotherapy and radiology. 
The band are due to go on a European tour from May 27 to July 5, but have urged fans to be patient. 
Hundreds of upset Iron Maiden fans from around the world took to Twitter to wish him a speedy recovery. 
The band said in the statement: 'Just before Christmas, Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson visited his doctor for a routine check-up. 
'This led to tests and biopsies which revealed a small cancerous tumour at the back of his tongue. A seven week course of chemotherapy and radiology treatment was completed yesterday. 
'As the tumour was caught in the early stages, the prognosis thankfully is extremely good. Bruce's medical team fully expect him to make a complete recovery with the all clear envisaged by late May. It will then take a further few months for Bruce to get back to full fitness. 
'In the meantime we would ask for your patience, understanding and respect for Bruce and his family's privacy until we update everyone by the end of May. Bruce is doing very well considering the circumstances and the whole team are very positive.
Mentally, I've known for years that the day will come when legends like Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson will no longer be with us. But that knowledge never really prepares you for the emotional gut-punch that you get when something actually does happen to the legends that you worship and whose work has meant so much to you as a fan.

When I first heard that Ronnie James Dio had passed, for instance, I simply couldn't believe it. I just sat there checking through the Bravewords news feed, trying to see if there might have been some kind of mistake, thinking that maybe it was all just a horrible joke and that we'd soon be hearing that magnificent voice of his roaring out through the speakers on another HEAVEN OR HELL tour.

But it wasn't a bad joke. He really was gone. And the world lost one of the all-time greatest personalities and artists in the history of music.

So I'm truly glad that Bruce is going to be all right- or at least, I really hope he is. I've seen IRON MAIDEN play live six times now, and they've kicked my ass each and every time. Tonight I'll raise a glass to Bruce's health and to the prospect of seeing him on tour with his fellow living legends at least one more time.

Godspeed, Bruce. And UP THE IRONS!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

The elites are about to wet their short trousers

... deploys Blackwater mercenaries as revolution in Greece draws closer
And good bloody riddance
It would appear that the Greeks and the Germans between them are hell-bent on doing everything they can to destroy the European single currency.


Neither side's intransigence and belligerence should come as any kind of surprise, and if you look carefully at the numbers, this will rapidly become obvious.

The German government knows damn well that if Greece defaults on its obligations to repay loans, debts, and bailout funds to the rest of the EU, and in particular to Germany, then German taxpayers would suddenly realise that they are on the hook for something approaching US$100 billion in liabilities. They'll never see a single red (Euro) cent of that money.

To put that into an American context, that would be a bit like Goldman Sachs defaulting tomorrow, and the average American waking up to discover that he or she is directly on the hook for losses on Goldman's gigantic, indecipherably complex, highly opaque balance sheet. If that happened, and American tax dollars were required to bail out Goldman, there would be bloodshed and riots in the streets- with complete and total justification.

In fact, in Greece's case, the numbers are far worse than anybody realises. Take a look at the graph below from the Wall Street Journal. This gives you an idea of just how much the Greeks have to pay up over the next few years- and remember, their economy only produces about US$267 billion a year.

Now take a look at the potential total losses that could be triggered throughout the European banking system by a Greek default on its debt obligations:
The Target2 claims of the Bundesbank on the ECB system have jumped from €443bn in July to €515bn as of January 31. Most of this is due to capital outflows from Greek banks into German banks, either through direct transfers or indirectly through Switzerland, Cyprus and Britain. 
Grexit would detonate the system. "The risks would suddenly become a reality and create a political storm in Germany," said Eric Dor, from the IESEG business school in Lille. "That is the moment when the Bundestag would start to question the whole project of the euro. The risks are huge," he said. 
Mr Dor says a Greek default would reach €287bn if all forms of debt are included: Target2, ECB's holdings of Greek bonds, bilateral loans and loans from the bail-out fund (EFSF).
That figure is approaching TARP-like levels of insanity. And unlike the US, which can basically just print its way out of a crisis- not that this is a good idea, mind you- Greece has no ability to inflate away its debts.

Bottom line is that the German people cannot, and must not, be forced to pay for the follies and vices of others. Yet this is exactly what the entire European Monetary Union system has always been designed to do. You'll never actually hear any of its architects say so in public, of course, but the goal of the single European currency always was to socialise risk and remove sovereignty from national governments to transnational, unelected, unaccountable bodies like the ECB.

The fundamental problem with the entire single-currency experiment was predicted pretty much from the outset by heterodox scholars, who warned that a pan-European currency would basically encourage the formation of massive investment bubbles. They were right and the neo-Keynesians who created this gigantic economic death-trap were wrong.

To understand exactly why Greece is in the pickle it's in today, you have to take a (short) detour into Austrian economic theory.

Austrian economics has always revolved around the concept of time preferences. A society with high time-preferences simply prefers current consumption over future consumption. Such a society is generally marked by a poor work ethic, a record of political instability, a lack of strong legal protections for private property, and a currency that does not hold its value well. By contrast, nations with low time preferences show the exact opposite characteristics. Time preferences are, of course, best reflected by interest rates in an economy; the rate at which you can borrow money gives you a good idea of how likely people think you are to pay it back.

When countries that are judged by their people and by others around them to be unlikely to repay their debts, are suddenly given a rate of interest far below what the market would charge them, by virtue of monetary union with a country that does not and will likely never have problems repaying its debts, the inevitable result is that said countries will always go on massive investment and spending binges.

The crushing economic depression we're seeing in Greece today is a direct result of their inability to discipline themselves, and they are now paying a truly terrible price for their lack of foresight.

So what is the solution?

Well, it's quite simple: default, leave the EU, reinstate the drachma, and rebuild.

There is no legitimate reason whatsoever for the Greeks to remain shackled to a European monetary infrastructure that daily destroys their sovereignty and renders invalid the will of the people. Nor is there any reason at all for the people of Germany to have their money and their taxes held hostage by the threat of a Greek default. Let both parties go their separate ways, and let this absurd house of cards that we call the single European currency collapse, as it always should have done.

Don't for one moment think that a Greek default would be quick or easy. Iceland discovered that defaulting means being locked out of international markets for a few years, but by defaulting, devaluing their currency (massively), and writing off the malinvestments that went sour on them, the people of Iceland went back to building a real economy that produced real goods and services. If Greece defaults, the shockwaves will cause tremendous financial damage, but the sooner Europe bites the bullet, accepts the losses, and begins rebuilding, the better; delaying the day of reckoning will only increase the final cost.

By fighting to preserve the European single currency at all costs- at any cost- the Germans are imposing financial conditions upon Greece that are truly impossible to bear. I saw what severe austerity did to Indonesia during the Asian Financial Crisis. The results were not pretty. It took Indonesia over a decade to recover to pre-Crisis levels of employment, output, and growth; in some ways it still hasn't recovered.

I'm not saying that Greece can avoid painful and necessary structural reforms by exiting the EMU- those will have to happen anyway. Spending has to be brought under control, debt has to be paid off, taxes have to be cut, and stable money has to be introduced. The entire Greek economy would have to be put through the wringer, and that will be unbelievably painful. But at least the Greeks would get a chance to do this on their own, without being held hostage by Germany and the other "Northern" EU nations.

Ultimately, the question of abandoning the European pipe-dream comes down to a decision about whether one's nation should be free, or enslaved. To my mind, that's not a difficult decision to make.