No, not the "food" from the STAR WARS Holiday Special- and this will be the first, and LAST, time anyone EVER mentions that abomination on this blog- but rather a very funny webcomic series from the same madcap geniuses who created the "Ensign Mary Sue" series:

Oh, so that's how Obi-Won...

Y'know, I never did understand what Ben meant when he said that... Space-ghosting around is not powerful, it's LAME
Dude, we've all seen the prequels, you had that coming

Some knucklehead in an X-wing, eh?

Too much boontaspice, I'm guessing?

Yeah, I'd hit that too

Not NOW, obviously, but back THEN, Carrie Fisher was hot

Sucks to be you, Fish-Face

Not the eyes, man...

All of these, and several more, to be found here.


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