They forgot Rule #1

What. The. F**K.
It would appear that folks in the game development industry really need to start putting Vox Day's superb semi-polemical book SJWs Always Lie on their Christmas wish lists for Santa Claus:
Video game journalist [Didact: that should actually be "journalist", I've yet to come across an SJW that actually understands what journalism is supposed to be] and notorious social justice warrior Jim Sterling, has forced an independent games developer to publicly apologise and abandon a promotional campaign after they advertised a game called “Tranny Gladiator”. 
The game, described by developer Pan Games as “the world’s first tranny game” acts as a simple sword-play action game featuring a transsexual protagonist. [Didact: Gross, crass, and completely unnecessary, to be sure. But hey, that's simply my opinion. And you know the old saying about opinions and @$$holes...] The game was blasted by Sterling in a series of tweets, as well as a video. This caused other influential video games social justice warriors, including Laura Kate Dale, to unleash their social media hordes. 
Due to the level of backlash received from Sterling’s public shaming mob, the developer quickly deleted the game’s trailer, synopsis, and public presence. The developers also apologised repeatedly to the online hordes, with further tweets suggesting that the waves of attacks had a serious affect on them. “Being told to die over and over has upset me so much,” said the developer.
Stick a fork in Pan Games. They're done. They will not be able to recover from this, because they have made the biggest possible mistake when dealing with rabid, unhinged, and flatly idiotic SJWs.

What is Rule #1 of dealing with the social justice freaks? NEVER APOLOGISE!!!

Do I approve of a transgendered protagonist in a game? Well, given that I find the entire notion of being "born into the wrong gender" to be flatly ridiculous, and I consider the transgendered to be sexual deviants of the lowest order, no.

Do I find it absurd, actually mildly disgusting, that someone would try to market such a product for money? Indeed I do.

But- and here is the critical point- do I also want to point and shriek and send death threats and shut down a business venture that was, for all intents and purposes, started for fun and profit?

Not in the slightest.

Pan Games is free to do whatever they want with their resources to make whatever games they think will sell in the free market. That is their business, and no one else's.

And what those who buy the game- or not- spend their money on is their business, and no one else's.

If you don't like the game, or the idea behind the game, here's a revolutionary idea for you: DON'T BUY THEIR GAME.

It's just that simple. No need for any howling mobs of slavering lunatic SJW weasels straining at their leather-studded leashes while desperately trying to hump each other's legs. No need to sacrifice the developers upon the altar of the Great Demon Marx and then wear their freshly peeled skins while chowing down on their still-beating hearts. No need to stage a victory parade of ambiguously dressed otherkin insisting on using unpronounceable pronouns like "xhe" or "xher" while smearing each other's faeces over their faces.

Unfortunately, Pan Games is now almost surely going to be destroyed by the very SJWs they apologised to. They made a mistake by releasing that game, but that's their problem and they would have learned from it when the user reviews came in. But the bigger mistake, by far, was to apologise to the cultural Marxist freaks who will now use their apology as a cudgel to browbeat these people into submission at every possible opportunity.

In the very unlikely event that you don't believe me, just look at what happened to Sir Tim Hunt- Nobel Prize-winning biochemist who is now leaving Britain's SJW-infested shores for the somewhat saner (in relative terms) pastures of Japan. And if you know anything about Japan, you know that it's... kind of weird there, so to argue that Japan is actually saner than Britain- which, in terms of values and mores outside of the craziness of anime culture, it actually is- tells you just how topsy-turvy our world has become.

Don't back down. Hit back twice as hard. Never yield an inch to these wackos. And, when the time comes and the opportunity is available, destroy them, their livelihoods, and their reputations- because if you don't do it to them, they ABSOLUTELY WILL do it to you.


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