The party post

And now, in accordance with a tradition stretching back to... well, a year ago, and in the company of... um, whoever's bothered to show up, here is a list of 7 really hot women, and a few great heavy metal tracks, to help you get the NYE party started.

The Ladies

(Yeah, I know, this is a flagrant gratuitously stupid display of T&A. So?)

1. Sophia Loren (from the 1950s)
The first time I saw a movie with Sophia Loren in it, my jaw just dropped. I didn't think it was possible for women to be that beautiful. And back then, women had a level of class that they simply don't today. Look at this, and think about what we've lost. And then drink, a lot.

2. Tao Okamoto
Looked and sounded amazing in The Wolverine. That's about all I can say about her.

3. Rachael Taylor
Australian actress and model. Starred in the first Transformers movie. Looks great in a dress and exudes a nice "girl next door" sort of vibe. Beyond that, I have no idea who she is.

4. Blake Lively
Her acting skills are... questionable, at best. (The Age of Adaline wasn't terrible, as movies go, I'll give her that much.) But she is one very classy young lady. Got married in her mid-twenties, has a little girl with a loving husband, seems to be the happiest woman on Earth (in public, at least).

5. Mercedes Carrera
One of #Gamergate's best friends, and an avowed enemy of radical feminists everywhere. Looks like... well, that. Lots of brains to go along with those epic breasts too- she has a background in aeronautical engineering, apparently. And she not only has no problem with girl-on-girl, she enjoys doing it. What's not to like?

6. Tania Mer
Some model from Russia who has absolutely no problem spending a LOT of time rolling around topless in bed while someone takes photographs. And then loads them all onto Instagram. I have no clue what she's like beyond that, but... does it matter?

7. Bipasha Basu
Apparently some sort of horror-film actress in Bollywood. No idea what she does beyond that, and I don't really care.

Oh, all right, fine, one more.

8. Cortana
Dude. You knew this was coming.

The Music

Headbang away, boys and girls.

ONWARD TO 2016!!!!!


  1. And she not only has no problem with girl-on-girl, she enjoys doing it. What's not to like?

    Dude, major turn-off...


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