The Didact's Top 10 Posts of 2015

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Yes, I know, this is navel-gazing of the worst kind. Fortunately I only get one chance a year to do it.

The list below is in descending order, and is compiled not on the basis of page views or numbers of comments, but on my own personal assessment of the quality of the writing contained therein. Since I had a pretty productive year in terms of output (over 360 at this point), and since quite a lot of that writing was of a higher standard that what I've done in the previous couple of years, it was an interesting exercise to try to narrow them all down.

Without further messing about, here are the ten best posts that I think I wrote this year:

The King of Kings would have stood, fearless and mighty in His terrible splendour, before those who believe in the blasphemous and twisted parodies of His teachings that Islam claims to be. He would have urged His followers to stand firm, with their faith in Him and in the Father to sustain them, in the face of unspeakable evil. He would have told us not to despair, not to fear, because for those who stand fast and who believe, the reward is eternal salvation and the release from the terror of death that has, at some point, defined the life of every man who has ever lived- except one.

A masculine man is not fawning, or sycophantic, or overly accommodating. He is polite. He greets the world with dignity and composure. He refuses to let the little things overwhelm him. He treats people with dignity and grace, but he never panders to them. He treats women with gentleness and kindness, but he never subordinates his needs to theirs. He refuses to compromise on the things that are most important to him, whatever those might be. He is independent, reliable, honourable, honest, courageous, strong, and respectful.

Islam is not merely a religion. It is a totalitarian political ideology wrapped up in the mantle of religion. I use the word "totalitarian" in its most literal sense; Islam provides extremely precise, pedantic, and even OCD laws and prescriptions about almost every possible aspect of Man's moral, physical, and spiritual existence through a truly bewildering array of commands, laws, and examples. Even the Hindu faith, with its impossible convolutions and contortions and offshoots and millions of Vedic gods, is not so prescriptive.

More than this, though, Islam is a violently supremacist ideology that preaches eternal war against unbelievers, "protective" slavery for Jews and Christians, and mass slaughter for idolaters. Its entire history has been one of intolerance, brutality, mass murder, pillaging, anti-intellectual closed-mindedness (and the exceptions are precisely that- exceptions), and extreme suffering for those unlucky enough to find themselves under an Islamic regime.

There are many of us "red pill" or "neomasculine" types- far too many- who reject faith as shackles that bind Man to superstition and fear. They reject the Lord and His wonders in favour of an equally irrational devotion to "science" and the scientific process. While I do not question the great power and virtue of that process, I also note that the scientific method is and has always been subject to human error- the difference between scientage, scientody, and scientistry is one that too few of us truly understand and appreciate, and when we confuse scientage and scientistry for scientody, we run the very real danger of mistaking the biased result for the unbiased method.

I have come to a very different conclusion over the last few years. There is no inherent contradiction between reason and faith. They need not be in opposition to each other. Instead, reason must be informed and strengthened by faith, while faith must be constantly tested by reason.

And in this regard, those of us who abandon faith and pursue reason blindly are making, in my opinion, a terrible mistake.

Faith is not something that we can impose upon each other. It is something that has to come from within. It cannot really be explained- I could no more explain my faith in the Lord than you could explain the concept of "green" to a man born colour-blind. But it is there nonetheless, as real as real can be.

The iron teaches you far more than how to be strong. It teaches you self-respect in a way that almost nothing else can. I have never met a man that I thought was strong, who also lacked self-respect. I truly believe that a strong man must have strength in all areas, not merely physical or mental, but both together. All of the truly great men that I have known have been phenomenally strong physically- many of them make me look like a weakling by comparison- but they all also have unshakable self-confidence, resolve, and mental fortitude.

6. The Didact's actual, long-form (and slightly more coherent) review ofHALO 5: Guardians

More importantly, the voice acting, especially for Blue Team, is (for the most part) excellent. You really get the feeling that the SPARTAN-IIs that fight alongside Master Chief are family- there is even a bit toward the end where, as the Chief fights his own emotions to find and stop the source of the mayhem that is killing so many humans across the Galaxy as the Guardians awaken, each member of Blue Team vocally affirms his or her support for the Chief, as their comrade, their friend, their leader... their brother. They serve as his in-game emotional anchor after Cortana's death, and help him deal with the fallout from the plotline, and that emotional bond makes the Blue Team missions in particular a real joy to play.

7. A warrior's soul

It is the OODA Loop that helped John Boyd develop his theories of manoeuvre warfare- a set of ideas that are so revolutionary compared to the way that most militaries fight, that they might as well have come from a different planet.

In order to understand why, you have to understand that the US military's way of fighting is still basically identical to what the French did a hundred years ago in the trenches of WWI. The instruments of war have changed, but the tactics remain essentially the same. The entire philosophy effectively comes down to attrition: you bump into the enemy, you call in massive artillery strikes and fire support, you slog it out and trade body blows and the guy who wins is the one who kills the most of the other guy's troops. There is no subtlety, no finesse, no charm to such a method. It is brutal, gritty, blood-and-guts fighting.

Manouevre warfare, used by the truly great generals of history, such as Belisarius and Guderian, basically gives the French method of warfare the bird and focuses instead on probing for enemy weak points. When one is found, everything is committed to the effort of penetrating it, then swinging around and "rolling the enemy up from the rear".

8. You don't DESERVE to get married

The fastest and easiest way for a man to screw up a marriage is if he stops trying to improve himself. If he simply becomes content to sit in the same old rut every day, refuses to maintain his strength, his health, his fitness, his status in the household as the unquestioned patriarch and leader, then his family life will suffer in turn.

Don't be entitled about marriage. You're not entitled to a damn thing that you haven't earned. You have to prove that you're worth a good woman- and once you've proven it, that woman has to prove that she is worthy of you. If either side of that balance is disrupted, the relationship won't last long- or, worse, it'll last for decades but will be bitterly unhappy.

9. Three good reasons to study muay thai

There are few martial arts as physically demanding and as filled with full-contact badassitude as muay thai. By training yourself to endure discomfort and pain, by becoming mentally tough and resilient, and by pushing yourself as hard as you can to be the best striker that you can be, muay thai, like Krav Maga, confers upon its students the benefits of understanding the ancient laws of martial prowess that governed and tempered great warriors of the past.

Muay thai will teach you respect for yourself, respect for your opponent, and respect for the nature of battle. You will begin to understand the importance of never underestimating your opponent, of ending a fight quickly and with minimal fuss, and of the virtues of mercy. These are things that wider society can no longer teach you as a man, because that same society is sick and deranged.

Muay thai, like all warrior arts, lets you rediscover masculine virtues that the rest of society seems to wish we could bury.

10. "We might have been a great and free people"

I have lived in America for nearly 9 years now. I consider every day that I have been allowed to stay in this God-blessed country to be a gift. I love this country and its people as I love and admire no others on Earth. I firmly believe in the principles upon which it was founded- the principles that it has lost, irretrievably. I watch with growing sadness and dismay as each new abuse heaped upon the dying wreck of this once-great and beautiful land by its own people and government forces it ever closer to dissolution and civil war.

If I had the ability, I would see its glory restored, its government put back in its proper place, its people free and sovereign once again to live their own lives as they see fit, and its borders secure from enemies both foreign and domestic.

But that is not to be. America has forgotten what freedom means, and why this most wonderful of gifts comes with the most terrible of costs.


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