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Tony Baker breaks down the reasons why Holly Holm kicked (and punched) the ever-lovin' bejeeeeeeezus out of Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 the other weekend, in inimitable style:

Money quote: "Holly cocked that leg back and dipped it in the fires of Mt. Doom". That one had me laughing hard enough to raise some concerns about my mental health.

Which, actually, is a pretty good summary of exactly what happened that night. I know I've written quite a bit about that fight by now, but I have to say, the more I see of Holly Holm, the more impressed I have been. She carries herself quietly and graciously, but there is no question that the woman can fight. And unlike her predecessor holding the belt, she is ruled not by her mouth but by her skills.

I have seen quite a few otherwise knowledgeable commentators argue that Ronda Rousey "had a bad night" when she got kicked in the face and saw her vastly overhyped reign come crashing down around her (once she woke up, anyway). The problem with that argument is that it simply is not true.

As Connor Ruebusch pointed out in his post-fight analysis of everything that Holly Holm did right:
Of course, criticism for Rousey will pour in. It has already started to. "Why didn't she go for more takedowns?" "Why was she trying to box with Holm?" "Where was her stamina?" Don't be fooled. The Ronda Rousey that showed up in Melbourne would have beaten every last one of her previous 12 opponents. Holly Holm fought the perfect fight.
He is correct. I watched Ronda Rousey fight Alexis Davis. I saw her in roughly similar condition to what she was like against Ms. Holm. She took Alexis Davis down within seconds of the fight's start and absolutely destroyed her with hard punches to the face.

That is the same Ronda Rousey that showed up to the fight against Holly Holm. And she was outmanoeuvred, out-boxed, out-fought, and completely, totally, utterly outclassed.

Especially when you see what Ronda Rousey looks like when she's throwing punches in practice sessions- skip to about 10 minutes into this video:

Here's to hoping that Holly Holm will be the UFC women's bantamweight champion for a long time to come.

On that note- anyone watching UFC 194 next Saturday night? I'm really looking forward to seeing Chris Weidman take on Luke Rockhold- I'm a big fan of Weidman's fighting style, and I hope to see him retain his belt. And maybe it's just that I hate trash-talkers, but I really hope that Jose Aldo brings it to the fight against the Notorious; it would be just too awesome if the two biggest trash talkers in the UFC get their butts handed to them in consecutive PPV events.


  1. Brother, I damn near collapsed a lung laughing at the top video. So many quotable lines in that.

    "She hand Hands Across Amurica, she had The Helpin' Hands, she had the Hamburger Helper helpin' hand..."

    "Don't ever sleep on the power of Jesus and woodworking..."

    "You betta touch them goddamn gloves..."

  2. The whole thing was just pure poetry. Classic stuff.


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