R.I.P. Lemmy Kilmister

It had to happen someday. I just never quite expected to be around when it did- after all, Lemmy Kilmister drank so much that I figured his entire body was basically preserved in alcohol by now. But, very sadly, it had to end.

A great man has left us- a party animal, a bass guitar god, a legend of rock & roll. I've seen MOTORHEAD play live something like 5 times- not actually that many, there are fans of the band who have been to 30+ gigs in their lives- and every single time, they kicked my ass straight into the following week.

That unique buzz-saw bass guitar sound is now gone, forever. We'll never again hear him growling out the lyrics to "Sacrifice" or "Death or Glory" or "Brave New World" or "Ace of Spades" or "Iron Fist" or... well, or any of the dozens of classic rock tracks that he and his fellow maniacs wrote.

I realise that I am on very shaky theological ground here, but I, personally, cannot imagine a Paradise that does not have big lovable dogs and heavy metal playing out of the speakers at the Pearly Gates. I have no doubt that Lemmy is up there right now, a beautiful buxom woman under each arm with a bottle of Jack in front of him, waiting to hit the biggest stage imaginable to play for the Almighty and His host.

Raise your beer mugs and shot glasses, my friends. A true legend has passed on to the next world. So let's celebrate exactly the way Lemmy himself would have wanted- by cranking up the volume and playing MOTORHEAD classics so loudly that the walls shake, the neighbours yell, and the ground cracks.

God bless the ugly bastard. I'm really going to miss him, and MOTORHEAD.


  1. Indeed, we lost an icon. There's only Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke left who can even come close to that terrifying growl Lemmy could belt out.

    I'm going to miss the ugly bastard's spirit most of all, that of the person who is what they are and absolutely nothing else, rest of the world be damned.

    1. Yeah. I still can't quite believe he's gone. He was one of those rock legends that I honestly thought would die on-stage, keeling over after playing to a completely sold-out crowd and kicking their asses in the process.

      He was a man of total integrity to his own creed and style of music, one of the very few that is left. He was a great man and a true legend.


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