One little victory

The Pink Army lost, badly, in its attempts to get Slovenia to treat sexual perversion on the same level as heterosexual marriage:
Slovenia is overwhelmingly against same-sex “marriage,” having voted the idea down decisively. 
The law proposed by the leftist ZL Party and supported by the center left governing coalition would have allowed adoption of children by homosexual couples and would have also allowed the recognition of homosexual relationships. In the end 63.4 percent of voters rejected the measure with only 36.6 percent supporting it. 
The vote came only as the result of legal action. Homosexuals celebrated in March after the left leaning Parliament voted for same-sex marriage and adoption and intended to impose it on the citizenry. A group calling itself “For Children” appealed to the country’s high court demanding a national referendum, something opposed by the governing elites. The referendum was allowed to take place. 
This vote comes only four years after another similar vote, where 55 percent of voters decided against giving more rights to same-sex couples, hence Parliament’s move to go around the voters. 
People around the world have been told that gay “marriage” is inevitable, that it is on the right side of history, and only a matter of time before it sweeps all before it. Facts on the ground do not bear this out and the most recent vote in Slovenia underscores the great difficulty homosexuals are having in persuading regular people of their cause.
Of course, this will not deter them. The progressive Left argues that adoption of gay "marriage" is an inevitability, and that sooner or later even staunchly Christian holdouts like Slovenia will fall before the Pink Agenda.

The problem with that argument is that it is quite ignorant of history and human nature.

The first reality that campaigners for homosexual "marriage" keep forgetting is that civilisations go through cycles. A direct consequence of this is that stupidities keep coming in and then out of fashion. If the historical examples of Nero and Elagabalus are anything to go by, the vulgarity of homosexual culture tends to come into fashion roughly when a civilisation reaches both the height of its power and the depth of its decadence. And those two things are intrinsically linked.

Think upon this for a moment and you will realise why this is true. A civilisation in the process of becoming civilised is scarce on resources, people, and time. It is in constant danger of being snuffed out by its competitors. Its people are few in number and are focused on the daily realities of survival. Resources are limited and do not easily support large families. In an environment like that, the daily needs of putting food on the table, caring for one's children, and attempting to secure whatever material comfort one can, far outweigh the need to pay attention to dyscivic nonsense that directly contradicts the moral imperative of survival.

By contrast, a powerful and wealthy civilisation is so because it has conquered all of its enemies and no longer has any real external threats to worry about. It has also dealt with internal problems, such as handling the age-old question of meeting the basic needs of the population- food, shelter, a minimum standard of living, and so on. Its people have time to spend on the leisurely pursuit of more hedonistic and pleasurable activities. And inevitably, as such a society becomes more decadent and tolerant of stupidity, such nonsensical notions as gay "marriage" become mainstream and acceptable.

It is important to realise, however, that the conditions which make this possible never last for very long (in terms of human history, anyway).

And inevitably, a correction always takes place. That correction is necessarily brutal, painful, and nasty in the extreme, because it occurs as a direct consequence of both external and internal pressures placed upon a society's fault lines.

I claim no knowledge whatsoever of Slovenian society. I have never visited Eastern Europe, so I have no understanding of how they think, what their politics are like, and whether they have entered the calamitously dangerous post-Christian phase that the rest of the West is plunging recklessly into at present.

However, if we look at the United States of America, where gay "marriage" was mandated as Constitutional by an appalling perversion of due process, and the right to the same was essentially waved into existence by the will of an un-elected and intellectually diarrhoetic Supreme Court Justice, we can see clear parallels emerging.

American culture and identity are under attack as never before. That culture is riven by internal contradictions and is being pushed to the breaking point by external attacks on its traditionally Protestant Christian character. The inevitable result, if history is any kind of guide- and I rather believe that it is- will be a severe and terrible backlash.

Eventually, ideas that seemed reasonable and tolerant at the time- such as gay "marriage"- will be viewed as heretical and dangerous in the extreme by our descendants. And those who promoted those ideas will be the first ones targeted for judgement.

This has not happened, yet. Slovenia is clearly still holding the line in the war for its culture against those who would destroy it. There we see one small triumph in that long war. It will not be the last such victory, and we will face many more setbacks along the way to reclaim the culture. But it is something, at least, and a sign of hope nonetheless, that the ways of Western Christian civilisation are dying but not yet forgotten.


  1. The problem is that they keep forgetting that European descended humanity, while extremely tolerant and willing to be pushed, can only be pushed so far before it responds.

    And Historically, that pushback is often terrifying. Europeople are slow to violence, but when they finally 'get around to it', they are really, really good at far the best at it.
    We invented the firearm, the guided missile, the nuke, the military aircraft. We pioneered many of the greatest scorched-earth and pyrrhic tactics, unflinchingly attempted or succeeded at genocide multiple times, and have toppled or irrevocably altered virtually every government on earth. We invented and propelled two world wars.

    And each time, it was because we were pushed into it... we were provoked, repeatedly, egregiously, and viciously, and responded to the threat with brutal efficiency once we finally realized that it wasn't going away.

    Isis, the femleft, South America, the rainbow tyranny, the Coates coalition... they are all poking at the sleeping Lion. Sooner or later that lion will wake up, and the only ones likely to survive are the femleft, after being beaten roundly for disturbing our sleep.

    1. And Historically, that pushback is often terrifying

      Yep. The results of #Gamergate show this very clearly. We pushed back, not even violently at all- and they completely fell apart. They had absolutely no idea how to deal with people willing to stand our ground and fight back.

      When- not if- things ever come to the point where we finally decide that enough is enough, then there will not be any safe refuge to run to. And they will have no one to blame but themselves.


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