Ensign Mary Sue

I discovered a truly hilarious webcomic by way of a commenter John C. Wright's excellent (yet deeply depressing) review of STAR WARS: Here We Go Again, Again:

Similar to the way another commenter responded, I cannot tell whether the guy who found this deserves a promotion, or a court-martial. My first thought upon reading through the initial three comics was, "if someone doesn't shove a photon torpedo up her ass and light it, he's going to regret it very soon".

I was, of course, correct.

Oh, and for those few of you inclined to take offence at the notion that someone so KAWAIIIIIIII deserves a photon torpedo suppository, just you wait until you get about 20 comics in and Ensign Mary Sue gets to meet God.

Even so, the Mary Sue depicted here is still a better character than Daenerys Targaryen...


  1. After getting about 10 pages in, the only thing I could think of was "This comic is well named"..


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