Call in the excruciators

Trust me, you'll be seeing morbid visions of your own after reading through this
Castalia House's Daniel has been publishing a series of posts delving deep into the moral rot at the heart of "establishment" science fiction in a set of blog posts that require a strong (and preferably empty) stomach to read through in full.

Somewhat against my own better judgement, I read through what he had to say, simply because he has done a superb job of ripping the veil off the face of truly hideous evil. Forewarned is forearmed, so it is said, but the cost of being forewarned in this case is literally a part of your soul.

I will not quote any of the text in those posts here, because I don't think I'd ever feel clean again if I did- hell, just reading through the list of freaks, deviants, and monsters within the first post made me feel like I needed to take a shower in acid to wash away the filth. 

I repeat Vox Day's warning when he linked to Daniel's work at his blog. DO NOT read those posts if you have a weak stomach. DO NOT allow your children to read them. DO NOT allow your siblings to read them- even the ones who are young adults. If you are under 18, DO NOT, under any circumstances and for any reason, read those posts. They deal with serious and horrific child abuse, especially the fourth part. 

Neither Vox nor I, nor Daniel, are joking about these warnings. If there is any innocence and faith in humanity left in you, a considerable chunk of it will be DESTROYED by reading these posts. 

You have been warned. If you wish to click on the links below, then do so as an adult with the full knowledge that what you will see in those posts will shake you to your very core and damage your soul.

If you weren't convinced by the (hilarious) catastrophe that was the Hugo Awards this year that there is something deeply sick and wrong within "mainstream" (read: SFWA/Tor-backed) sci-fi, this should do the job:
Daniel quotes extensively from the perpetrators themselves- most notably Walter Breen and Samuel R. Delaney- to show that these are not spurious accusations. The men and women at the centre of these child abuse scandals proudly admitted to committing horrific acts, and justified those acts to themselves and others in the most absurdly self-rationalising manner possible.

I could not read through most of those quoted excerpts. I felt physically sick reading through what little I did of Walter Breen's writing. That was a disgusting, twisted, evil man, and he died a thoroughly deserved death in prison.

And as for the fourth post in the series... good luck trying to read the excerpts from Delaney's short story without throwing up. I could not read them and I devoutly wish that I could erase any memory of having gone anywhere near them.

Any SF/F fan with even a smidgen of conscience would, by rights, fall to his knees and beg the Almighty's forgiveness for supporting, unwittingly or otherwise, the major names in the genre who carried out these abominable crimes, and those who carried water for them.

Even Robert Anson Heinlein, perhaps the greatest of the greats, is culpable of standing by incestuous paedophile Marion Zimmer Bradley, and her husband, convicted child molester Walter Breen, with words of encouragement, while at the same time ignoring those who were pointing to clear, graphic, and terrible abuse of children perpetrated by Breen himself.

It is absolutely inexcusable that the SFWA not only defends paedophiles (whether suspected or convicted) within its ranks, but openly acknowledges an actual NAMBLA supporter who has written graphic stories involving open pederasty as its SFWA Grand Master for 2013.

This is not an organisation that can claim any kind of moral high ground upon which it can stand to criticise anyone else.

Daniel also makes clear what must be done. Do not support SFWA conventions- or, hell, SF/F conventions in general. Do not attend them. Do not let your children, under ANY circumstances, attend them. Do not allow any child, sibling, or young friend that you really care about attend any event. Starve them of funds and influence. Destroy the SFWA's hold on "mainstream" SF/F- not least by helping us Rabid Puppies and Vile Faceless Minions nuke 2016's Hugo Awards, as I have no doubt we will.

And do not, for any reason, pretend that these lunatics will sort themselves out. The established order of sci-fi fandom has shown no interest whatsoever in disinfecting the rot within.

This is not to say that one should avoid introducing one's children to SF/F in the first place. That is a stupid thing to say. But be very, very careful about what gets introduced.

For example, despite Robert A. Heinlein's sins of silence and support, you simply cannot go wrong by introducing your sons to his "juvenile" works and short stories. I would not recommend reading Stranger in a Strange Land until well into adulthood, but Starship Troopers, for instance, is a book that every young man should read every year of his life from about 14 onward.

And although it would appear that Arthur C. Clarke was a self-admitted paedophile- subject to some rather knotty questions about his actual guilt- his short stories and novels (up to his Rama series, anyway) were and remain superb forays into speculative sci-fi.

But, under no circumstances should you confuse science fiction writing with sci-fi fandom. Read the works of those authors that you as a parent deem safe, but never, EVER let your kids attend a convention.

However, none of this, in my opinion, goes far enough.

Reading through those links literally hurt my soul- exactly as Vox warned, of course. While reading through it, I couldn't help but think that LTC Tom Kratman's preferred approach for dealing with evil like this, as elaborated upon in his Carrera series, would be a rather handy method of dealing with paedophiles.

That method is, of course, crucifixion.

It is a particularly horrible way to die. A victim of crucifixion doesn't die immediately from the trauma involved, though that is considerable- and that too only if limbs are actually nailed to the wood. The really nasty part of being crucified lies in the fact that gravity pulls you downward on the cross, to the point where your lungs can't fill up unless you physically raise yourself by pulling up against arms that are either nailed or bound to the crossbeam. This, of course, both increases and prolongs the agony. Ultimately, you die of thirst and in hideous pain.

I cannot think of a more fitting sentence for those who would sexually abuse children.

Or actually, maybe I can. Ever read Impaler by Kate The Impaler Paulk? Now that is a really nasty way to execute someone who has done something horrible.

Impalement, by the way, especially of the transversal (through-the-body) kind, was used in Europe on convicted rapists of virgins and children. I, for one, would have no problem whatsoever if that practice were started up again.


  1. I've been studying the occult and the influence of Primary Evil on 'the arts' as we've come to know them in the West, for just a short couple-three years now. I cannot and will not read these posts because I don't need to be made aware. The moment the dots start to connect in terms of seeing how the occult influence affects 'arts' as we know them, all of this becomes something that not only makes perfect sense, it is the only logical conclusion to the ends and means of those occult-influenced arts.

    There's a site out there and this writer's got it down to it's basest elements. Funny as it is in terms of reducing it all down, it really does get to the dead, lifeless heart of the matter:

    The child is meant to supplant the previous generation, ergo, the child must be conditioned to be utterly and completely 'possessed' of everything the previous generation worked to conjure up. So they break those children mercilessly for their own twisted joy in knowing that they will be 'eternal' through them. And the rest of those children become nothing but fodder for their desires; tools to be raped, molded or killed, depending.

    Why will seemingly NO ONE in these 'arts' speak up? Well, those in the business may not be worshiping Molech/Satan/Destruction directly, but they still worship Mammon. Mammon can bind a man's tongue as though it were no longer even able to speak.

    1. The child is meant to supplant the previous generation, ergo, the child must be conditioned to be utterly and completely 'possessed' of everything the previous generation worked to conjure up. So they break those children mercilessly for their own twisted joy in knowing that they will be 'eternal' through them. And the rest of those children become nothing but fodder for their desires; tools to be raped, molded or killed, depending.

      Indeed. That is precisely how past Marxist revolutions operated- by destroying a nation's youth. Back then, though, it was done openly; the Cultural Revolution in China clearly targeted the youth and brainwashed them into thinking a very particular way. In this case, sci-fi/fantasy is being subverted and perverted beneath our very noses, and then is fed to young children with the goal of destroying both faith and innocence.

      It is sick, twisted, and evil. I can even admire the sheer efficiency and skill with which such evil is perpetrated, in a cold and calculating way, even as I am revolted by the outcomes.

      But it is now clear that there is no compromise with these people. They, and everything they stand for, must be destroyed.


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