Bitchslapping 101

The other day I put together a somewhat lighthearted attempt to show that ¡Jeb! Bush is the cuckservative par excellence in the current Republican field, and that the reason why he is so is because he is a complete Gamma male. It turns out, of course, that I'm not alone in thinking thus; an intrepid reader of Alpha Game Plan assembled his own analysis at that blog of all of the male candidates for POTUS, from both wings of the One Party, and ¡Jeb! got precisely the level of respect from that crowd that he deserves.

Of course, proving ¡Jeb! is a Gamma is hardly on par with, say, proving Fermat's Last Theorem or the Riemann Hypothesis. All you have to do is listen to the guy to conclude that he's weak and ineffective.

The most interesting thing to me about that analysis, though, was actually its relative rankings of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

Rand Paul was given a "high Beta" socio-sexual grade, which I agree with. Sen. Paul has probably some of the most sound policy ideas of all of the candidates- except when it comes to black violence against whites, and Islam's war on the rest of the world. He isn't interested in trying to use American military power to fix the world, and he doesn't believe that America needs to go sticking its long pointy nose into everyone else's business. I find these things to be most admirable.

Unfortunately, he cannot communicate for squat. Which is partly why his campaign appears to be on the political equivalent of life support.

Far more interesting to me, though, is Ted Cruz. Now, I have no idea whether or not he'd make a good President- actually, I'd argue that none of the current candidates would make for a really great POTUS in the mould of Ronald Reagan, Calvin Coolidge, or James Madison. However, given the way he responded to a crass, classless, and downright stupid political attack by the news media upon his family recently, I'd say that it would be a huge mistake to underestimate him.

Check this out:

Yeah. That's what a cartoonist for the Washington Post considers to be acceptable political satire- painting two adorable little girls from what appears to be a happy and stable family as monkeys dancing to their dad's tune.

Keeping it classy there, Ms. Telnaes.

To be clear- Ms. Telnaes has every right to publish whatever she wants to. That is her sacred right under the First Amendment, and none may deny her the same.

She does not have the right to be shielded from criticism when she does something stupid, though. And this was egregiously stupid.

Now, if Mr. Cruz were a sad-sack Gamma, he would have gone into some kind of snarky, totally-not-angry-at-all routine to mask his rage at being mocked and ridiculed in such fashion. Judging by the behaviour of other, high-profile Gammas, and by his own past behaviour, that certainly would have been ¡Jeb!'s response.

But Mr. Cruz didn't do that. He did something befitting of his socio-sexual status.

He went on the offensive- and immediately upped the ante.

This is what the Cruz campaign released in response to the Washington Post's rather crude attempt at not-very-amusing comedy:

It's not a perfect response, no matter what others might have you believe. Those dogs look altogether too serious and not stupid enough- and of course, if it was trying to be realistic, the New York Times dog should be a poodle bending over trying to blow itself, while the Washington Post dog should be a chihuahua frantically trying to hump Mrs. Clinton's leg.

(This, incidentally, is why I'm not a political satirist. I'd have been banned in 20 countries within 6 months for being a colossal jerk. Oh well.)

Also, Mr. Cruz and his campaign staff should know that there are far better- i.e. more terrifying- headshots of the Hilldebeast to use than that one.

TIMMY! You come back here right now! Your shorts need to be washed again!

(Sorry about that, folks. Got a little carried away.)

But all told, it's a rather effective insult- not least because it hits right below the belt.

The mainstream media have for the last 50 years insisted that they are objective, interested only in holding the political classes to account. That is, of course, complete horse-hockey. They've been in the tank for the progressive Left for decades. Once in a while, the mask slips and they reveal themselves to be the sneering, angry narcissists that they really are:

And now, once again, that mask has slipped and we see that there is no low to which the establishment media- and unlike Bill Whittle, I actually include much of Fox News in that epithet- to vilify and degrade the candidates that they don't like. At this point, that would be everyone who is not named Hillary Clinton for most of the mainstream media, and everyone not named Carson, Huckabee, Bush, or Fiorina for Fox.

The way to fight back against this sort of nonsense is, quite simply, to fight back.

That is literally all it takes. The reason why CNBC and Fox were so completely discombobulated by Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz is because neither of them backed down in the face of their harassment. Instead, they stood up and punched back- hard. Up until about August of last year, when #Gamergate started up, that simply had not been seen to any significant degree before.

And, as was the case during #Gamergate, their punches didn't even have to land perfectly. They simply had to start throwing punches. And look what happened. The media wet their short trousers. (You probably know what that feels like now, since you had to look at a picture of Hillary Clinton up there. Again, sorry about that.)

Fighting back is the one thing that these people cannot comprehend, because they are so used to landing fire on targets that don't know how to respond. But suddenly, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are out-cycling (so to speak) their adversaries.

Similar to the way #Gamergate has managed to wipe the floor with our SJW enemies for the last 18 months, Messrs. Cruz and Trump are operating on a battlefield of ideas and taking the moral high ground by showing their enemies to be foolish, vindictive, ham-fisted, and downright stupid.

If they manage to keep operating with this kind of momentum, one of them will walk away with the nomination for the Republican candidacy. And that will be when the real fun begins.


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