A simple equation

Here is something for my fellow maths geeks to ponder.

What happens when you allow mass invasions from Third World nations, with Third World standards of hygiene, medicine, literacy, and sanitation, into First World nations with far stricter controls on all of those things?

In other words, Immigration + Diversity + Proximity = ???

Evidently, the right hand side of that equation clearly is balanced out by: Disease + War.
An E. coli epidemic in Seattle and Kansas City and 19 other states? TB in New York and Manassas, Virginia? Leprosy in New Hampshire? Dengue Fever in Laredo? What’s going on here? 
If you think data about illegal alien crime is hidden from public, just try to find information on the contagious diseases brought across our borders by illegal aliens from nearly 100 countries. If we survey the anecdotal and sporadic official data of the past fifteen years, there is no doubt we are being invaded daily by dangerous diseases. 

There is good reason to believe the government is minimizing this risk as part of its disinformation campaign to sanitize illegal immigration and to portray all critics as “anti-immigrant.” Although the U.S. Border Patrol publishes frequent reports on the number of individuals apprehended crossing the border, no agency publishes reports on the diseases they bring with them and then carry into our communities.
And the threat is increasing, not shrinking, because the cross-border traffic is coming from places beyond Mexico and Central America. In 2014, for the first time in more than 20 years, over 50% of the illegal aliens crossing our 1,940-mile southwest border came from countries other than Mexico–and total cross-border traffic is expanding as well. Over 485,000 people were apprehended in 2014, and if you use the government’s “Gotaway Ratio” of 1.5 successful evasions of the Border Patrol for every single apprehension, the number of illegal entries by foreign nationals in 2015 was over 700,000.
What do we know about the diseases carried by illegal aliens? Not much thanks to government secrecy, but we know enough to be worried.
A February 2015 report of the Southern Medical Association cautioned that, since none of the 700,000 illegal entries have been screened for infectious diseases, “Illegal immigration may expose Americans to diseases that have been virtually eradicated but are highly contagious, as in the case of TB.” The association concluded that despite the efforts of the CDC, “There’s a growing health concern over illegal immigrants bringing infectious diseases into the United States.
Welcome to one of the nasty realities about bringing in lots of "little brown brothers" that most libprogs never seem to think about.

I've traveled all over many of the countries that those "little brown brothers" come from. I am one. (Except for the "little" part.) I've seen what health and hygiene standards are like in the Third World. I go on holiday in that world every year. There are a lot of things to like and love about such countries- the food, the women (well, not in the country that I'm in right now, admittedly), the culture, etc.

Their exposures to diseases that have long since been almost completely eradicated in the much cleaner, more advanced West is not one of them.

The West is finding out, very much the hard way, that liberal stupidity is only digestible and sustainable in very small doses. Germany is discovering that bringing in 1.5 million (or more) Syrian "refugees" from a part of the world not especially well known for playing nice with Christians and atheists is not going to end happily for the German people. America has been finding out for fifty years now that bringing in hordes of Mexicans, whether illiterate or otherwise, is a multitude of disasters blended into one big catastrophe.

Mass immigration, as Vox Day likes to claim, is not only rape culture. It is also a literal disease culture- in that you're giving diseases actual human-sized petri dishes in which to incubate, mutate, and spread them. If that prospect doesn't scare the crap out of you, then you're not thinking about it hard enough.

Consider: legal immigrants, and non-resident aliens who are in the US on legitimate work visas (like me) are required to submit a fairly thorough medical history before we are allowed into the country. When we step over the immigration counters at airports, border crossings, and other checkpoints, we have to provide a statement showing that we have not been to any countries or regions where infectious diseases are rampant among either humans or livestock.

Now, obviously, we could lie and waltz through those checkpoints anyway. Many, I'm sorry to say, do lie. But at least there is some effort made to ascertain whether or not we are safe to let into the country.

No such effort is made to screen and check the hordes of illegal immigrants crossing the country's southern border. And the American people will only learn how outright stupid that policy is when some new and nasty strain of a bug that Americans thought to be long exterminated, shows up amidst the population.

This is not fear-mongering or rabble-rousing. As the statistics from the article above point out, the incidence of odd diseases that should no longer be a major public health threat is on the rise in the country with the most advanced medical devices and pharmaceuticals industries in the world.

Will it take a lethal mass outbreak of typhoid, cholera, antiviral-resistant influenza, antibiotic-resistant staph, or ebola in the southern states before the country finally gets wise and shuts the borders, using the entire power of the US Army to enforce that closure?

Judging by the way that cuckservatives and liberals appear to be totally unwilling to even discus the possibility of shutting down that border, and will resort to shrieking "RACISSSSS!!!" as loudly as possible at anyone who so much as suggests the idea, I'd say we know the answer to that question already.


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