When the revolution devours its children

Several different individuals have been credited as the originators of an epigram that goes something like this:
Any man who is not a socialist at age 20 has no heart. Any man who is still a socialist at age 40 has no head
I've seen this quote attributed to Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, Georges Clemenceau, and several others. While the exact source of the statement is probably lost to the ages, its validity endures well beyond its progenitor.

But what happens when certain people never actually grow out of their socialist phases? What happens when they stay lifelong progressives, and are forced to confront the awful outcomes of their ideology's denial of reality?

And what happens when you put such people in the same room with a man who never went through the socialist phase, and instead became ever more right-wing as time went by?

That is the situation I found myself in the other day when I met with some old family friends who I had not seen in a long while. Inevitably, the discussion turned to politics at some point, and equally inevitably, this is an area where I am almost always far beyond the fringes of "acceptable" opinion.

Now, despite what my blog output might suggest, I am in fact quite capable of being affable and charming in public; I simply find it very tiring to be that way, so in general I prefer to project the image of a curmudgeon and misanthrope. Even so, I am more than able to keep my trap shut about politics when the situation suits. And when one is surrounded on all sides by three boisterous liberals who insist on all talking over each other in order to compete for who can speak the loudest, one is indeed generally better off keeping quiet and concentrating on polishing off the supply of snacks at hand.

Normally, conversations about politics with liberals tend to be quite forgettable. You smile, remembering that old adage about opinions and assholes, and move on. But this particular discussion was of interest because it was started up by a very liberal Jewish Ivy League-educated Baby Boomer, who expressed deep discomfort at the way that students have begun hijacking university campuses across the country in order to spare their own feelings from getting hurt.

She pointed out the recent situation at Yale University- her alma mater- where students have begun demanding "safe spaces" (whatever the hell that's supposed to mean) into which "dangerous" opinions can never penetrate, and have begun demanding that all of the bathrooms in all of the dormitories be re-tooled to be "gender neutral" (again, whatever the hell that means). Yet my friend, despite being a staunch supporter of transgender "rights" (yet again, whatever the hell that means), was utterly mystified at the way in which the demands of a few dozen or hundred students had forced a systematic rethink of housing policy for the entire university's administration.

The irony, of course, could not be more delicious. The sheer quantity of schadenfreude involved in this situation would be enough to feed an immigrant family for a month.

For here we have a situation where a Baby Boomer progressive, who supports gay "marriage" and all of the tendentious, useless nonsense that comprises Third Wave Feminism, expressing deep discomfort at the idea that a man who thinks he is a woman could walk into the same bathroom as any girl who is not a mentally confused sexual deviant and conduct his business.

My friend was completely oblivious to the fact that it was she, and people like her, who created the environment where these maladjusted, pampered, overly coddled freaks could presume to lecture the rest of us about "microaggressions" and "oppression".

Fifty years ago, the very notion that men with fully functional penises could pretend to be women, walk into a ladies' restroom, and proceed to use those same facilities in the same ways that women do, would have been so far beyond the pale that anyone advocating such nonsense would be instantly dismissed as a lunatic, or worse. But today, such insanity is taken seriously, by a people and a nation that has forgotten what it means to have a culture worth fighting for.

This is the reality of all ideological revolutions. Every such revolution first turns outward to convert, then inward to destroy. They all start the same way, with pretty much the same seemingly reasonable, mealy-mouthed goals: equality; peace; brotherhood; "social justice". And they always end the same way: with purges of the ideologically "impure", with witch-hunts designed to destroy those who lack sufficient zeal, and with the innocent presumed guilty simply for not toeing the ever-changing Party Line.

At Yale University, as at other university campuses across the country, we are seeing a very scary reality emerging. It is a reality in which feelings are prized over accomplishment, where any halfwit student can complain about being "triggered" and "oppressed" if he or she or it is of the right skin colour, sexual (mis)orientation, or ideological bent- and can then use that supposed oppression to seek out, and achieve, the utter ruination of white and Asian students simply for the crime of not being part of a sufficiently disadvantaged, exploited community.

We are now seeing the final stages of what Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov described as the process by which a powerful and virile civilisation is subverted and destroyed from within. If you watch the video back up at the top, in full- I'd recommend you get yourself a stiff drink, you'll need it- you will notice that Mr. Bezmenov describes in perfect detail exactly how a nation's culture can be turned against itself, through the corruption and usurpation of many multitudes of what he repeatedly calls "useful idiots".

It is through these idiots that any cultural Marxist who wishes to destroy a strong civilisation can corrupt that same culture from within. And that, very sadly, is precisely what has happened.

The first progressive revolution, at the beginning of the 20th Century, sought to create economic equality at all costs- and the cost turned out to be horrifying indeed. Over 100 million dead bodies and some 70 years later, that vision of a progressive Utopia was destroyed. But that simply told the cultural Marxists that they needed to change their approach, and instead of attacking the system of free-market enterprise that gave the West its strength and vitality, they pooled their resources and efforts into the central, brilliant, insight of their school of thought: that instead of attacking the West economically, it would be better by far to destroy the West's culture, which by its very virtues of tolerance and open inquiry, was far more vulnerable to such attacks.

The second progressive revolution, which as far as I can tell began in the 1960s, was about achieving political and social equality- again, through the barrel of a gun if necessary. Once again, roughly three generations later, that attempt is failing miserably; political and social equality is now becoming more remote and unrealistic with every passing year.

The third progressive revolution, though, is now currently in full swing, and it is destroying the minds of college students who want to be protected from anything that might force them to think. And any and all manner of despicable evil is being pushed down their throats as right and acceptable.

As Mr. Bezmenov pointed out in his video, there is only one way that this can end.

When the cognitive dissonance between what a man has been told is right, and what a man can actually see is happening around him, becomes too great to be borne, it will inevitably force a severe correction. And that correction, if history is any indication, will be extremely violent and extremely bloody.

And ultimately, the people who are to blame for this state of affairs are very much like my family's friend: people who had the best of intentions, and yet paved the road to Hell.


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