See what I mean about "old school"?

And I do mean OLD school:

That song was recorded in 1982. Thirty-three years later, it has still lost none of its force and power.

Neither, for that matter has this song:

And nor has this one- which has to be pretty much the dictionary definition of an evergreen classic:

Kids these days listening to... um... er... whatever nonsense it is that Millennials listen to- dubstep, I suppose- simply do not know what they're missing out on. The days of truly classic heavy metal may well be on the decline- I would imagine that the day IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST call it quits, that epic sound will die with them.

But, like all the greats- Bach, Beethoven, Paganini, Chuck Berry, legends like that- stuff like this never gets old.


  1. We used to pull up next to older people at stoplights and crank up the german folk intro to Fast As A Shark, then when the needle rip, Udo scream and guitar riffs kicked in we'd start head banging mercilessly, attempting to view their horrified facial expressions as my tiny car flailed around.

    Still miss that car.


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