No wonder he's pissed

Someday, the parodies of Adolf Hitler completely losing his sh*t will cease to be hilarious.

This is still not that day.

Wow. Who knew that Der Fuhrer was such a rabid Rousey fanboy? Or that MMA was a thing back during the final hours of the siege of Berlin, eh?

Still and all, it's important to understand just what exactly it is he's so cheesed off about. And to see that, you have to watch the full fight- all 6 minutes of it- from UFC 193. (At least, until the UFC forces a copyright-violation takedown of the footage again...)

Every time I watch video footage of that fight, I find something else to appreciate. Even though that terrific head-kick at the end was the highlight, the whole thing was actually a very technical fight.

Watch how Ms. Holm moves, how she sets up her strikes, and, perhaps most impressively of all, how she escapes Ronda Rousey's clinches and takedowns while preserving her own "tank". If you watch how she responds to Ms. Rousey's takedown attempts, you will see that she practiced those defences very carefully. Observe how her posture stays strong and upright, how her hips generally stay lower than Ms. Rousey's- and how these two things combine to make it very, very hard for Ms. Rousey to throw her. Watch how she keeps her elbows tucked in close to her ribs, thereby making it extremely difficult for Ms. Rousey to isolate an arm and attempt an armbar.

Watch, as well, Ms. Holm's excellent footwork when working through her stand-up game. It's superb. She's constantly moving, never putting too much weight on one foot, rarely off balance except when she actually gets hit, and generally doing a great job of staying elusive, light, and yet in the pocket.

Most importantly, though, what you will see is a fighter who was calm, prepared, methodical, conditioned, and ready to execute a carefully thought-out and well-understood game plan, up against a bull-rushing brawler who had precisely none of those attributes.

And then there is the exemplary way in which Ms. Holm conducts herself. Take a look at her post-fight interview, where living legends within the MMA community like Rashad Evans, Frank Mir, and Daniel Cormier are all asking her about how her fight went. She is a model of charm, grace, and humility even though she just took out the biggest star in her field:

It goes without saying that her demeanour and her grace under pressure are head and shoulders above that of the former champion. If you go back up and watch the fight again, you'll see that right at the end of Round 1, when the horn blew, Ms. Rousey threw a punch a full second after the round had ended, and landed it. That was a blatant foul, and I'm astonished that referee Herb Dean didn't penalise her for it.

Even so, beyond Holly Holm and maybe Paige Van Zant, I can't say I think particularly highly of women's MMA even now- and in PVZ's case, most guys (and girls) like her because... well, see for yourself:

Notice how a law firm has a sponsorship logo across the crotch of her shorts? Draw your own conclusions from that...
These girls are rough, tough, and in some cases at least, quite pretty. But one very good thing about Holly Holm's victory on Saturday night is that it finally puts paid to this utter bilge about the best women being able to take on any man in their weight class. That flew right out to wherever Ronda Rousey's consciousness did the moment that perfectly timed and set-up head-kick landed on her throat and jaw.

To be clear, most of these women- trained, professional, highly skilled athletes- could take on the average man and win in a one-on-one no-holds-barred fight. That is because the average man doesn't really know how to punch, kick, grapple, or defend himself- our ever-so-"civilised" society has bred all such instincts out of us for the last fifty years or so.

But against a trained opponent, those same women would suddenly find themselves in a world of trouble.

I think the best lesson to take away from Der Fuhrer's epic blowup is that fortune ultimately favours the bold and prepared. Holly Holm saw her chances, was ready to take them, and then moved in and did what she evidently does very, very well indeed: setting up and executing solid kicks and punches.

Say what you will about the "Preacher's Daughter", but you can't deny that she has some game.


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