Yep, pretty much

If you look really closely, you can see me- #4508- lurking very far away there in the background. I'm the one in the Promethean Warrior-Servant outfit wielding a lightrifle and a hardlight blade. (I'm a big fan of the former- great for both medium-range engagements and long-range sniping. The latter, maybe not so much, but then I prefer cudgels to blades, personally.)

And yet the people over at File770 still don't understand who we are and what we are all about. I mean, it really isn't that hard to figure out.


  1. So, does this mean that Sad Puppies are officially a Rabid puppies auxiliary? Or are they still hoping that somehow hiding and rubbing their rosaries alone will stem the zombie horde?

    1. It means nothing of the sort. The Sad Puppies are a completely separate group from us VFMs. They are our allies and friends- but they disagree with us on a large number of things we say, including, as Sarah A. Hoyt once put it, "the" and "and". Which is fine by us- friends and allies can, and should, disagree from time to time.

      Their goals are different from ours. They want to broaden the Hugo Awards and turn them back into what they were originally intended to be: an award by, of, and from the fans to authors that the fans think do great work.

      We Rabids and VFMs are a bloodthirstier sort. We want to burn the Hugo Awards to the ground, raze the foundations, and sow salt (and napalm, Agent Orange, and a few hundred frangible munitions) into the earth where they once stood, so that nothing may ever grow there again.

      Given what happened at Worldcon in 2015, where it was made perfectly clear that the SJW set would never accept anything but truefans and would do their level best to slap down anyone who voted for wrongfun, it seems quite obvious to us that the moderate approach has failed. Our approach, meanwhile, is vastly more fun and is giving our enemies nervous breakdowns.

      Don't just take my word for it. Here is what the International Lord of Hate has to say on the subject.


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