I stand corrected

Well, sort of. You see, Carey brought to my attention that I might have been just a tad too hasty in arguing that Death Note is a seriously messed up manga/anime. After all, if you were given a chance to get your own copy of a Death Note, what would you use it for?

There is one other name that I would maybe add.

There is this awesome TV show that I watch called Last Man Standing, starring Tim Allen as the "manly man" Mike Baxter, a conservative who loves God, country, and family, who believes in the Constitution and the rights and qualities of a free people with all his heart. It's a terrific TV show with miles and miles of heart, and, amazingly, it actually teaches real family values. This, in a day and age where all TV before the watershed apparently has to be as degenerate as possible while still staying within the norms of FCC-mandated "decency" standards.

There is, however, one rather large fly in that ointment.

See, one of the main characters- Kristin Baxter, the eldest daughter of Mike and his vivacious, charming wife Vanessa, played splendidly by Nancy Travis- was impregnated in high school by a guy named Ryan, who ran from his responsibilities as a father and then came back into the picture. He is, basically, your typical Millennial liberal hippie douchebag, and every time I see him on screen, preaching about environmentalism or how guns kill people or how God doesn't exist, all I can do is turn my eyes to the ceiling and pray to the Lord.

Specifically, I ask Him about that whole Sixth Commandment thing. You know, the one that says, "Thou shalt not murder". In the case of the character of Ryan Vogelson, I constantly find myself asking the Lord if He would really mind granting a mulligan on that particular Commandment. Just that one time. PLEASE...!!!

Right: sh*tlib just asking to get punched
Fortunately, there remains a very good reason to stay tuned in to the show:

Technically, that's more like three reasons
Yes, she is actually that hot. God bless America. And yes, I know, that's gratuitous. Are you really going to complain?

Anyway, getting back to the point- yes, there are in fact times when maybe, just MAYBE, that whole "Death Note" concept would come in rather handy.

Even so, I oppose murder as a matter of principle, no matter who commits it and who the victim is. Though, believe me, Justin Bieber makes a very compelling counterargument...


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