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I don't necessarily agree with Texans about everything. (Gridiron, for instance, is incomprehensible to me; Texans view it as the most highly evolved form of competition yet invented by Mankind. I might be more inclined to agree with them, if only someone could explain to me what the hell the point is of that "Superbowl half-time show" thing.)

But when it comes to guns, you'll find virtually no daylight between me and any proud son or daughter of the great state of Texas. Indeed, as far as I am concerned, if the rest of the USA adopted the best traits of Texas, the whole country would be better off. (And we'd have fewer liberal weenies pissing in everybody's beer, too. Where's the bad?!)

This is what the Second Amendment literally says, word for word:
A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Period goddamn dot. That is it, right there in black and white. Back when I first saw that, knowing virtually nothing about the intent of the Framers, never having read any of the Federalist Papers, I understood it to mean precisely what it said: the free men and women of this country have an absolute right to defend themselves, both from each other, and more importantly, from the State itself.

I didn't understand it as a "right" to hunt. That interpretation is simply idiotic; until relatively recently, the vast majority of people didn't get their meat and fish from a store, they had to go out and kill it themselves. If they didn't, they starved, end of story. The notion that a governmental document has to preserve a "right" to eat is so stupid that it deserves to be treated with nothing more than utter contempt. It is, instead, very clearly a right, guaranteed in perpetuity, to defend oneself and one's possessions from predation by others.

I was not born in a country with America's magnificent tradition of individual liberty. I didn't grow up in such countries either- Australia, back when I was living there, was well on its way to becoming the SJW-land that it is today, and as for Singapore, let's not even start. I came back a little under 6 months ago from an assignment in a country that used to have that tradition, but gave it away in the name of "social progress", to their very great loss.

So if even a heathen foreigner like me can figure out what the 2nd Amendment means, with (at the time) next to no understanding of the background behind the wording, what possible excuse do gun-control advocates who were born and brought up in this country have?

With that in mind, here is a video from some years back exploring the results of the comprehensive gun ban that the British imposed on themselves back during the Bliar era. (That was deliberate.) And, cliched as it sounds, it is a warning from a country that is about 20 years farther down the road to ruin that the US is charging down now while breaking every possible safety rule in the book:

There is something very interesting about that video. Unless I'm going blind, every single person interviewed there is white, and every one of them is middle-aged or older.

Those are precisely the people who tend to own the most guns- white, middle-aged, reasonably affluent and/or rural folk.

These are precisely the people who most need the 2nd Amendment to protect themselves from the Time of Testing that is coming.

The 2nd Amendment's wording is perfectly clear. The original intent of that Amendment is also perfectly clear. The right to self-defence is not, and has never been, granted by government. It is a right granted by the Lord Himself, as the flip side of the right to life, and it cannot be taken away from Americans unless they let it be removed.

Take it from a man well-traveled, who has seen much of the rest of the world: the American attitude toward self-defence is unique among the nations of the world. No other country takes that right so seriously, and no other nation is as happy to be armed to the teeth with everything ranging from sharp rocks to fully automatic shotguns.

When the Framers began the wording of the 2nd Amendment with "A well-regulated militia", their meaning was not restricted to just "the militia" at the time. Their understanding of "militia" encompassed the entire free citizenry of the country. The Framers lived in a world in which every adult male was at times expected to defend himself from hostile threats. They understood that a free society can only ever be preserved if the government is afraid of its citizens, and not the other way around.

Don't ever let your guns and weapons be taken from you as law-abiding citizens. Don't ever fall for the nonsense that anti-gunners keep throwing your way. Guns are tools, nothing more and nothing less. As a free man or woman, it is your responsibility to know how to use them correctly and safely- but if you let the government take them away from you, then YOU will be the one to blame when, not if, but when that same government turns on you.

And if you need some help convincing your liberal friends as to the worthiness of learning how to shoot straight, here's some good old-fashioned red meat to help the process along down below.

The most interesting man in the world('s gun-totin' cousin):

Cute, nice voice, and she likes guns. Can she cook too?

One does not argue with a man with such an epic moustache:

Stefan Molyneux doing his thing:

Still not enough? Let's hear what a veteran, who actually fought and bled for the flag and all it represents, on the subject:

And I have to say, it's quite gratifying to see that not all celebrities are complete knuckleheads when it comes to the rights of free men and women:

On the subject of Amendments to the Constitution- I would not mind in the least if the country passed a very slight addendum to the 2nd Amendment along these lines:

This would certainly make grizzly-hunting even more hair-raising than it already is


  1. One more thing: in those days "well-regulated" meant "well-practiced." I've had the ignorant tell me it meant "regulated" by the government."


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