Europe belongs to Europeans

The flood of immigrants invaders coming from the Middle East would do well to remember that fact:

Make no mistake. The Second Reconquista is coming. The elites that the Europeans keep electing were able, for a time, to hold it at bay by promising their citizens subjects the wonderful things of the Fuller Life, by robbing selected Peter, to pay for collective Paul. But now that the products of those lies are literally breaking down the doors of European nations that once identified themselves as the descendants of an ancient and glorious civilisation stretching back to the Romans and beyond, they will inevitably react.

And mark my words- they are reacting. The Gods of Wisdom and Virtue will, indeed, return with terror and slaughter.

As Roissy/CR/Heartiste/ihavenoideawhathisnameisanymore keeps saying:
Diversity + Proximity = War
War is coming to Europe. And I strongly suspect that the European reaction to a plainly intolerable situation will make the pogroms in Eastern Europe, and the ethnic cleansings in the former Yugoslave states, look like mere picnics by comparison.

The hordes of "refugees" now trying to barge their way into the "promised land" of welfare and subsidies are not Europeans. They never were. They are Islamic invaders. And the Europeans have shown the world, repeatedly, precisely what they can and will do to Islamic invaders:

Charles "The Hammer" Martel at the Battle of Tours, October 732
The Battle of Lepanto, October 7 1571

The Gates of Vienna, September 11, 1683
Yes, the Europeans know exactly how to respond to invasions by Muslim hostiles. And while I don't have any particular fondness for Europe, I will say this for them: when the situation becomes intolerable, it will be their turn to show us Jacksonians just how thoroughly and how savagely a truly just war can be fought.


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