"Speed of Light"

New IRON MAIDEN single. Just sit back and let your ears melt down from the sheer awesomeness:

A few observations:

  • That cod-wail at the beginning aside, Bruce's voice sounds pretty good, even now. However, I maintain that his absolute vocal peak was still the 1998-2002 period when he released his solo album, The Chemical Wedding, and IRON MAIDEN subsequently released the almighty Brave New World album. You try listening to his incredible vocals on the title tracks to those albums and then tell me that he isn't the greatest rock singer of all time.
  • This is quite an unusual track by MAIDEN standards. We've gotten so used to hearing the usual E-D-G chord progressions and gallop-kick bass that it's really very refreshing to hear something quite different. Reminds me rather a lot of "Holy Smoke" in some ways.
  • There is also no denying that this is, without question, a true IRON MAIDEN song. Powerful vocals? Check. Triple-guitar attack that still manages to sound so thin that it seems like there's only half a guitar playing? Check. Great, melodic, instantly recognisable guitar solos? Check. Thumping bass? Check. Incredibly tight groove drumming right in the pocket? Triple-muddapuckin'-check!
I have been an IRON MAIDEN fan since I was fifteen years old. One of the greatest days of my life was the day I walked into a record store and walked out clutching seven MAIDEN albums from all of their different eras. I have been hooked ever since. I love all of their stuff- from their earliest days with Paul Di'Anno, to their current lineup.

So you may now understand what I mean when I say that this is THE album of the year, for me. And next year, God willing, we will see a 15-foot-tall Eddie marching across American stages once again!


  1. Need to go break out powerslave again, then step through the rest of their stuff again.

    1. Powerslave is probably my top candidate for best heavy metal album ever. But then, pretty much everything they released from 1982 to 1988 was amazing.

      Funny thing is, unlike a lot of old-school MAIDEN fans, I never developed an irrational hatred for the Blaze Bayley years. I still think that The X Factor is one of the best albums ever released. And the songs from it and Virtual XI sound even better with Bruce Dickinson singing them.


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