RIP Reaxxion

A Well-Fought Fight

For those of you who read my (not very frequent) articles over at, you are no doubt aware that Reaxxion is officially no more. The rest of you probably know it because Vox Day pointed it out earlier today.

Personally, I greet this news with a mixture of sadness and relief.

Sadness, because I really enjoyed writing articles and columns for Reaxxion and reaching a somewhat different audience than the rather more eclectic crowd that reads this pokey little collection of tumbleweeds, rants, and gun-nuttery.

Relief, because for the past several weeks I've been rather struggling to find anything of substance to write about in the gaming industry that didn't come down to "FREE SPEECH GOOD! SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS STUPID! FEMINISM BAD! BIG-BOOBED GIRLS AWESOME!".

Don't get me wrong, all of these messages are valid and important, but there are other writers who can convey them far better than I can and won't end up feeling like they're repeating themselves in the process.

On top of that, my various commitments to my full-time job, my fitness regime, my martial arts school, and other things make it quite hard to find time to write, especially when writing against a deadline. That's part of the reason why the posts here at this blog have gotten shorter and somewhat less frequent over the past few weeks.

I learned a lot from my experience writing for Reaxxion, and I'm pleased by the results overall. My personal interactions with Roosh, always by email or instant message, were always friendly and easygoing. I maintain a deep personal and professional respect for him. I think he did everything he could to help Reaxxion succeed, and I have nothing but admiration for his good work in putting together an outlet for neomasculine views on gaming and related industries. I thank him and Matt for giving me an opportunity to write about something I love. Not once did they ever attempt to censor or edit my work to suit some editorial line; I was given almost complete freedom to write whatever I wanted.

But the fact is, our grand experiment didn't work. There are lessons to be learned from this, as my former colleague Matt Forney points out. We could have done a few things better; we probably should have done some things differently.

Fail Faster

That is life, that is reality- you try, and fail, and try again, and keep failing, until you find what succeeds, and start winning with that.

More broadly, the reason why Reaxxion closed down is simple, and Roosh explains it clearly in his farewell post. The fact is that we just weren't generating enough pageviews. Our traffic was pretty stable since our launch, but a touch under 250K pageviews a month- though it sounds like a lot- was never going to be enough to turn Reaxxion into a profitable standalone business or portal the way Return of Kings and Roosh's own blog are. Looking at Reaxxion's Google Analytics stats (which I have/had access to as a columnist and therefore a moderator for the site), I don't think we ever generated more than $200/month in terms of revenues.

Given that each writer would get paid for each article- of which there were, on average, about 66 a month- and given the costs of web hosting, that amounted to a significant monthly net loss. And our growth prospects were limited; again, our viewership numbers had stayed constant for pretty much the entire 9 months of our existence.

Note that I, personally, saw no economic gain from writing for Reaxxion. That's not a complaint, it's a fact. That is because, through completely voluntary agreement with Roosh, I never asked for compensation for any of my writing. I was, and remain, quite happy with that arrangement. I was perfectly content to let Roosh take the money he would have paid me and put it back into growing the site. I don't write for money- partly because it's too much trouble to do so, mostly because I don't have the talent for it.

A Farther Future

So what happens now as far as neomasculine views on gaming?

Despite our failure- and as one of Reaxxion's writers, I share responsibility for that failure, even if Roosh insists, very decently in my opinion, on taking the blame entirely on himself- I am actually quite optimistic about the future of neomasculine gaming. This isn't a defeat. It's just a setback. We tried something. For a while, we were able to do some good work. It wasn't enough.

Big whoop. We'll take it on the chin, we'll learn, and we'll do better.

Roosh has stated in the comments to that final article that a new tab will be added to RoK containing articles on gaming and comic books and the other topics that we used to cover at Reaxxion. So it's not like those articles will stop being produced. And I think that this will actually improve the quality of those articles; even though there will be fewer of them, they will have to compete for attention with RoK's existing offerings, which means that they had damn well better be at least as good as what we used to produce for RXN.

As for me, personally, I will probably write an article now and then for RoK's Gaming section (or whatever it gets called). But I doubt I'll have the time or ability to be a regular columnist. I'm at peace with that, and I hope to be able to contribute to RoK as an occasional writer rather than a staff writer as I did previously.

It was an honour and a privilege to work with Roosh, Matt, the Bechtloff, Jay Sherman, and all of the others who were authors and contributors for Reaxxion. We did good work while we could; we pissed off plenty of SJWs; we contributed to GamerGate's highly successful drive to hold the entire gaming journalism industry to a much higher standard.

Panzers, Vorwarts!

Do not for one moment think that, just because Reaxxion is shutting up shop, we've lost the war to reclaim our culture. As I pointed out in what I consider to be my best ever article for Reaxxion, we conservative types have been on the losing end for more than forty years. Yet our basic message is one that cannot be beaten. It is a timeless message about freedom- about the ability to write, create, develop, sell, and play the games that we want, not the ones that they want.

We have mounted successful counterattacks to their cultural Marxist poison in the gaming industry through GamerGate. We are in the process of doing so through Sad and Rabid Puppies in the SF/F publishing industry. We're beating the ever-lovin' bejeezus out of "traditional" media, and have been for years. None of this is enough to give us victory in the war to save Western culture- if it even can be saved. But the message remains the same: don't give up, don't stop fighting, be happy warriors, and remember that the ultimate goal of a strong, God-fearing, freedom-loving culture is a fight that we are honour-bound to carry out.

I, for one, am proud and delighted to be fighting beside you, whether it be here, at Reaxxion, or anywhere else.


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