MidKnight is getting a bill from my psychiatrist

Bastard got me hooked on E NOMINE. And now I can't stop listening to these crazy Germans. It's like listening to RAMMSTEIN on really good crack, with choirs and Latin hymnals thrown in for good measure.

The addiction has gotten so bad, in fact, that I simply caved today and went over to Amazon and bought three full albums by this outfit. That takes some doing to accomplish- I've been able to listen to HAMMERFALL for the last ten years without buying so much as a single album, because I know how stupid they can be, yet listening to just ONE SONG by E NOMINE got me so hooked that this is practically all I've been able to listen to for the past week.


  1. I blame John Ringo. Bastard got me hooked on Cruxshadows and Heather Alexander and now this. Also brought me back to metal with Dragonforce, Hammerfall, Within Temptation, and Nightwish.

    1. Ringo's got good taste in music, that's for sure. On top of which, he's a great writer- Live Free Or Die actually had lots of serious concepts and ideas, but it was also a laugh a minute.


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