In case you think "Delhi Belly" isn't real...

I can tell you from very real and very personal experience that if you visit India, you are virtually certain to get a nasty case of the trots at some point. The South African cricket team found this out in the worst possible way when TEN of their guys contracted it:
Ten South African cricketers on tour in India were hospitalised at the weekend following food poisoning, three of them during a match on Sunday in which the tourists had to borrow a fielder from their opponents, Cricket South Africa said on Monday. 
As a result of the players being laid low, South Africa's A team have had their next match in the ODI series, against Australia A, put back by 24 hours to Tuesday. 
Half the team reported ill on Saturday night, South Africa were forced to field an ill-balanced line-up against the hosts in their second game of the tri-series in Chennai. 
Reeza Hendricks, Mthokozisi Shezi and Khaya Zondo had to play despite being sick because nobody else was available but all three were hospitalised during the course of the match. 
Frontline bowler Zondo got through four overs before being overcome by stomach trouble and taken to hospital. 
South Africa had to send their video analyst, Hendrikus Coertzen, on to help field and later borrowed a fielder from their opponents to make up the numbers. 
Quinton de Kock, dropped from South Africa's test team, was rushed into action less than 24 hours after arriving in India and responded with a century but also required hospital after the game. 
India won by eight wickets with more than 12 overs to spare.
Oddly enough, the Indian government doesn't seem be too terribly interested in warning people about this particularly unpleasant phenomenon in the tourist brochures. So you can consider this my public service for the week.

If you're planning to visit India- or Egypt, or most of the Middle East that isn't Israel- you will need to pack a hell of a lot of this stuff:
Your new best friend
(I'm not necessarily saying that most countries in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia are crowded stinking crapholes, but...)

Otherwise, you're going to find yourself caught very short right at the most inopportune possible moments. And if there is one thing about India that is worse than the public transportation, it is the sanitary facilities. Yeah, it sucks, but then that's what happens when you've got over a billion people packed into the country that more or less invented plumbing, and then basically forgot about it for the better part of, oh, three thousand years.

Or you could just argue that discretion is the better part of valour and, y'know, not go. Personally, I'd opt for this approach, unless you are of an unusually religious nature and don't mind sitting on a toilet of, shall we say, questionable hygiene while praying to whatever deity you happen to believe in.


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