I might have been mistaken

A little over 4 months ago, I wrote a somewhat grumpy response to one Radhika Sangani's Bonobo Nose's sentiments about the very sad and untimely demise of THE GREATEST TV SHOW OF ALL TIME, also known as Top Gear. In that response, I noted on a bit of a tangent that I was just waiting for Ryan Reynolds to ruin Deadpool the way he ruined Green Lantern.

Judging by the evidence shown in the Deadpool Red Band trailer, there is a distinct possibility that I was, in fact, wrong. And that this new Deadpool movie could be, frankly, amazing.

If Ryan Reynolds does, in fact, pull off the Merc With The Mouth properly, it would go a very long way toward redeeming his reputation after the horrible abuses of cinematic product that were RIPD and Green Lantern.


  1. Yes. I saw this a couple weeks back and have my fingers crossed that it redeems the Wolverine vs Deadpool scene in X-Men Origins.

    1. Seriously. What the hell were the makers of that movie thinking when they crapped out that giant turd and threw it in our faces?!


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