Gloves off

Now THIS is a speech that I really wish university students would hear on graduation day:

Back when my sister graduated from university last May, I wrote up the speech that I wished someone would have given that hot and sunny early summer morning. I thought I'd done a halfway decent job of putting together a set of ideas that would cause spontaneous rage-vomiting among at least half the audience present there on the campus of an extremely liberal college. (Here's a hint: it's the same one that one of the main cast-members of Girls graduated from.)

Compared to Bill Whittle's efforts, however, it is clear that your humble servant is a mere stripling, a rank amateur, a knock-kneed dork with delusions of grandeur, when it comes to using cutting rhetoric to put liberal stupidity feet-first into a woodchipper.

Indeed, the only thing I find more unsettling than a steely-eyed, quiet, intense Bill Whittle, is a fired-up, angry, forceful Bill Whittle who appears to want to do nothing more than grab these morons by their throats and shake some sense into them. That sort of thing makes me very glad indeed that he's on our side.

Hell, we need a dozen more just like him.


  1. Oh my Goodness! I was spellbound. That was excellent. And yes, like you said, that intensity was unsettling. A rage was definitely simmering underneath.

    1. Yep. But it's about time that conservatives started getting really angry. From what I'm seeing, that is precisely what is happening. Conservatives are finally waking up, and they are pissed. I do not believe it will be enough to stop the eventual collapse of this country. But it's a step in the right direction.


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