Did you ever Gamma so hard...

... that you wrote and performed the most Gamma song ever inflicted upon a cowering and undeserving Mankind?

I think I first heard this song as a teenager when I was in Australia. At the time I thought it was a good tune. In my defence- and I know that it is not a very good one- I was a lot younger and dumber back then. Mea culpa, Deus, mea maxima culpa...

Fortunately, I grew up. Nowadays, I can't even make it through the first chorus without feeling a part of my soul die, painfully. Any more than that and I'd have to seriously contemplate driving a drumstick through each eardrum, just to make it stop.

I bring this up because I was recently perusing Vox Day's various posts on Gammatude when I found this little gem, in which he analysed what he thought was the most Gamma song he'd ever heard:
Yesterday I talked about Alpha music. Now let's look at another very popular form of music, which is Gamma music. My impression, and it is little more than that, is that Gamma music is particularly popular with women because the Gamma mindset is most similar to the female one. 
What is Gamma music? Well, I was driving in the car with a teenage boy the other day, thereby introducing him to some music that was hitherto unknown to him, and one band he rather liked nevertheless struck him as unappealing in one way. "Why is this guy always whining?" he asked. 
One guess as to what band it was?
The Supreme Dark Overlord's point about the popularity of Gamma music with women directly correlates with what I've observed of bands and acts like Tal Bachman- or THE CURE. Women, and men who should really know better, seem to love this horrible crap.

Well, with respect to His Unspeakable Evilness, I do believe that I have found something that is even worse than THE CURE. And the only way to cure (heh) that is through the direct application of wall-to-wall counselling. Preferably in the form of a shot to the nuts with a baseball bat.

It's probably fair to say that this is a truly unspeakably evil achievement. Hell, I suspect that the US military could use that song for its torture enhanced interrogation techniques at Camp X-Ray.

Of course, after that self-inflicted shotgun wound, it is incumbent upon me to find something to wash away the awful, stinking, putrid stain left by that Tal Bachman song. So to that end, I present these three MANOWAR tracks, each one more Alpha and badass than the last:

If Eric Adams's (EPIC) screaming isn't your thing, try this instead- guaran-damn-teed to put hair on even the most Gamma chest:

And if you're just interested in instrumental music, well, that is why the Lord, in His infinite magnificence, gave us Hans Zimmer:


  1. What about that song where some bitch is mean to the singer and he is so gamma he is "going to marry you anyway". What happened to dignity?

    1. I'm actually not sure I've heard that one. And I strongly suspect that I don't want to, either.

  2. I used to hear that song nonstop back then, and it still pops up now and again. It's nothing but kicked-in-the-balls high notes, even the bass (which is barely audible) and drums. It achieves the impossible and makes Coldplay sound hardcore.

    1. No kidding. It's hard to think of ANYTHING that makes Chris Martin's horrible whining sound good by comparison... until you listen to this song.


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