Bonobo-nose on "sexist air conditioning"

It was not all that long ago that I called one Radhika Sangani, feminist and columnist for the Daily Telegraph newspaper, a stupid dingbat for her ridiculous bloviating about the need for a more "female-friendly" version of that wonderfully over-the-top mashup of cars, explosions, and blokeishness that was the sadly deceased Top Gear.

Based on the latest evidence, I was far too generous in my criticism.

Ms. Sanghani's latest episode of idiocy comes to us courtesy of a Breitbart article ridiculing her take on "sexist" air conditioning.

Watch, if you can stomach it, this clip showing her attempting to explain exactly what "sexist air conditioning" is and why it is so double-plus ungood:

Good Lord, what a nose! I mean, I know I've pointed this out (repeatedly) in the past, but that really is quite a spectacular honker that she's got there. I've seen pelicans with less impressive beaks.

Crude nose jokes aside, apparently Little Miss Strong Independent WIMMENZ Feminist finds it too difficult to pull on a sweater, or brew herself a cup of tea, in order to combat too-chilly conditions in her office.

In fairness, I can see why putting on a sweater would be tough. Imagine trying to get a sweater on over that nose!

It's just too precious. So much so, in fact, that Breitbart's Raheem Kassam takes great pleasure in tearing a few large strips off Ms. Sanghani's ego in the process of mocking her vapidity:
There is nothing better than watching a trumped up, 14-year-old looking, RadFem make a total prat out of herself on live television. 
Ms. Sanghani, who has come to personify the death of the Telegraphnewspaper – for she is a journalist for their “Wonder Women section” – proceeded to shark jump, multiple times, as she argued that men controlled the sexist air-conditioning, forcing wimmin to be cold, and therefore unfashionable, and resort to wearing “emergency cardigans” in the office. 
This is bigger than women’s suffrage, guys. 
This is about summer dresses and sandals. No, I’m serious. She ACTUALLY SAID it was about her ability to wear summer dresses and sandals, and commented that if men were comfortable in their suits when she’s too cold, then they should strip down to t-shirts. In the office. Along with summer dresses and sandals. What the hell is going on at Telegraph HQ? Is it now an arm of the Liberal Democrat party? 
Ms. Sanghani, the author of “millennial comedy” book “Virgin”… sigh… told Sky, “Often in offices, it is men who control temperatures. That’s just something that I’ve found anecdotally.” 
Right. Well I’ve found, “anecdotally”, that “often in offices” it is men who have to do all the heavy lifting, repair jobs, and climbing under desks to fix your computer because the women have knocked out the power cord with their 3-inch stilettos that match their summer dresses.
I completely understand Mr. Kassam's incredulity about the Telly's insistence on giving this batsh*t-crazy badger her very own platform from which to spout such drivel- in fact, they published her article on this subject not once, but twice. The Daily Telegraph used to be a solidly conservative (small-c) newspaper, staunchly Tory in its outlook and readership. But somewhere along the way, it seems as though the Telly's management decided that the paper wasn't reaching the "hip young yoof crowd". Apparently, those same management types- no doubt numbering quite a few people with fancy MBAs- thought that the way to set about fixing this would be to appeal to the idiots of my generation by dumbing down the news through massive injections of Radical Feminist ideology and a lot of other puerile Leftist nonsense.

Which, unsurprisingly, is precisely why I've stopped bothering to read what was once one of the finest newspapers in the world, and one of the very few remaining "mainstream" media outlets that espoused a consistently conservative point of view.

The fastest way for any once-respectable establishment or business to destroy itself is to give fools like Bonobo-Nose there a platform from which to spew their execrable nonsense upon the rest of us.

And indeed, that appears to be precisely what is happening, if these numbers are to be believed. The Telly's print-based decline is nothing new- the entire newspaper industry has suffered from declining print sales for well over a decade. But in terms of online presence, the Telly still lags way behind its competitors, the Daily Mail, The Guardian (favourite of the tofu-and-social-justice set, God help us), and the various Mirror outlets.

If the Telly's management and writers have even a soupçon of sense left, they will unceremoniously shove these RadFem twits like Ms. Sanghani straight out the door with a note pinned to their backs along the lines of, "don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out". (That is what is known as "cruel irony", for those who didn't get the joke.) Vacuity of this kind needs to be met with an equally stern response.


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