Blast from the past

And I do mean past:

This was a trip down memory lane for me. I grew up watching these videos- must have seen them a hundred times as a little kid in Southeast Asia, back in the days of VHS. I think my parents got me started on the books when I were a very wee lad, and then got me watching the videos- presumably as a distraction of some kind.

Must have been pretty damned effective, too. I loved these old Chuck Jones cartoons.

I haven't seen those videos in, like, 20 years. A fellow VFM jogged my memory about them and reminded me that these still exist out there- to my amazement, someone else actually saw these and remembers them.

Now, fortunately, we can all enjoy these reasonably faithful adaptations of Rudyard Kipling's finest works for young children- works that have stood the test of time and which still have the power, even now, to enthrall and delight.


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