Outward to convert, then inward to destroy

You keep telling yourself that, bucko
The whole LGBTIQWTFISTHISBS movement appears to be having a severe identity crisis (pun intended):
A Pride event in Scotland has banned drag queens because they might offend trans-gender people. Organisers of the show, established to celebrate diversity and tolerance, say the presence of drag queens could make the trans-gendered feel “uncomfortable.” 
Drag performances have historically been a feature of almost all Pride events, however Free Pride Scotland, which was set up as an “anti-commercialist” rival of Glasgow’s main Pride event, appears to be the first to take the decision to exclude them. 
The organization claims to create “a safe space for all people within the LGBTQIA+ community,” and not to “discriminate.” However, they say, “the needs of the most marginalised groups within our community come first. After much discussion, the trans and non-binary caucus decided not to have drag acts perform at the event,” wrote Free Pride Scotland on their blog.
Er... so let me see if I can figure this out. (And note that, despite having two degrees in mathematics, an IQ about three standard deviations to the right of average, and a general knack for solving knotty issues quickly, I almost certainly won't.)

Drag queens, aka transvestites, are not permitted at events celebrating gay "pride", because men dress up as women for a "hobby". But men who think of themselves as women, aka transsexuals, and who actually do claim to be women, like Bruce Jenner, are to be welcomed with open arms.

In other words, the only distinction between being a drag queen, a fairy, and a man with severe mental issues is FEELZ.

Hey, if you're annoyed by the spazzing and twitching above, be nice to me, I just had to try to decipher not just Leftist "logic", but gay Leftist "logic". On a Saturday morning, when the Sun is shining outside. That's a level of mindf***ery that no sane, straight, self-confident man should ever have to deal with.

On a slightly more serious note, it is worth pointing out that this sort of lunacy is actually neither surprising nor unprecedented. It's idiotic, to be sure, but there is ample reason for it.

The first thing you have to understand about progressivism is that it is an ideology. And ideology, as anyone who reads the Supreme Dark Overlord's works on a daily basis, is not about rigourously defined, soundly derived, empirically tested, and timeless principles or values. Ideology is always and everywhere a set of ideas that contradict nature and the laws of nature's Creator. An ideology is by definition incapable of existing on its own merits, and therefore requires constant external validation, support, and reinforcement.

And of course, because there is no real supporting structure behind an ideology, it is very easy for anyone of sufficient skill, ambition, and ruthlessness to take that ideology and turn it on its own followers.

The chocolatiering movement is fracturing along ideological fault lines. This is not surprising. We have seen this happen before, time and again, with pretty much every single Communist revolution, ever.

Back when the Communists first came to power in Russia in 1917, an internal power struggle between the radical Mensheviks and the even more radical Bolsheviks split the revolution wide open. We all know who won that argument. But that wasn't the end of the internal dissent.

Leon Trotsky, a highly intelligent but ultimately self-hating Jew, wanted worldwide revolution because of his ideological "purity"; his main rival, one Josef Dzhugashvili, was a far more ruthless and pragmatic character whose only objective was power for its own sake. Again, we know who won that power struggle. And at least sixty million Russians died because of it.

When radical Communist Maurice Bishop came to power in Grenada, he essentially ruled by decree, until an even more radical character came along to overthrow and execute him. That time, happily, the USA under President Raptor-Riding-Badass Reagan actually had the balls to go in, kill people, break stuff, and reveal Communism for the utterly inept and useless nonsense that it really is.

The pattern remains the same, each and every time an ideology rears its ugly, senseless head. First the ideologues reach outward to convert. Once they have converted enough people to achieve their ostensibly peaceful and benign aims, they always turn inward to destroy those of insufficient faith and zeal. This pattern has repeated faithfully throughout history, right back to the French Revolution, that unholy agglomeration of evil and stupidity that spawned our present predicament.

The gay "pride" movement is doing the exact same thing. Having achieved its supposedly benign aim of enforcing gay "marriage" (at gunpoint, no less), the ideologues are overreaching. They are now attempting to stamp out those of insufficient purity and dedication to The Cause... whatever that might be.

All they are really doing, of course, is ensuring that the coming backlash against them will be all the more horrific in its consequences.

I would love to see them attempt to defend their debauchery when- not if, but when- the breakup of the United States of America occurs. That rupture will almost certainly result in polities that have neither the time nor the patience for liberal stupidities such as the gay rights movement, which means that it is very likely that homosexuality, especially male homosexuality, will once again be punishable by imprisonment or death.

I do not claim to want such an outcome. I violently detest gay culture. I find it degenerate, disgusting, immoral, and twisted. But I wish no harm upon gays. If homosexuals wish to indulge in their own peculiar... acts behind closed doors, that is between them and the good Lord; let them do so in peace.

And it behooves those of us of a conservative nature to recognise that there are, in fact, gays who are on our side.

But by their very extremism, their own intolerance for dissent, their own refusal to listen to reason, the gay "rights" movement is now revealing its true face. I would not be surprised to see a ruthless purging of "moderate" types from that movement in the near future. As the story above shows, that process has already begun.

And I very much fear that those of us who, like me, subscribe to a "live-and-let-live" philosophy when it comes to gays, will actually be considered limp-wristed moderates when the Reclamation gathers steam.

When people like me, who are willing to tolerate gays, but would sooner approve of an act involving a tub of jello, a three-breasted Martian whore, and Shamu the killer whale, are the moderates, those who pushed the homogamy agenda to such an extreme are going to find very good reason to get on their knees and pray to the very God that they have spent so long vilifying for mercy.

And as that very same God as shown in the past, even His mercy has its limits.

On a closing note, what, I wonder, would a civil war within the gay "rights" movement look like? I suspect we're going to find out. And it will likely involve a LOT of brightly coloured shiny sequins.


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