God what an awful racket...

A reader (and fellow Vile Faceless Minion) emailed me recently to express appreciation for my taste in music (!!!). He also mentioned in passing that his tastes tend more towards symphonic metal. Since I am nothing if not obliging toward my readers (yeah, OK, even I had a tough time keeping a straight face at that one), all 3 of them, I figured I might as well promote some of the better symphonic metal that I've been listening to of late.

DELAIN are a Dutch metal band with a female singer. I first saw them live when they opened for... er... um... I think it might have been KAMELOT? Anyway, I thought the lead act was actually pretty boring- I'm not a fan of KAMELOT- but DELAIN absolutely killed it live.

It doesn't hurt that Charlotte Wessels looks like, well, this:

Admittedly, there is a LOT of makeup involved. She's a natural redhead, with serious freckles.
Looks notwithstanding- and the night I saw them play live, she was smokin' hot- this girl can also SING. And DELAIN's latest album is outstanding. There isn't a single bad song on the entire thing, not even the otherwise rather cheesy "Stardust". Well worth your hard-earned cash if that's your kind of music.

They also opened for NIGHTWISH, along with SABATON, back in April. Whoever it was that had the stroke of genius to put those three bands together on the same tour is being criminally underpaid. That was a very memorable night.

While on the subject of symphonic metal- if you're into that sort of thing, there's a Japanese power metal band called GALNERYUS that has done some rather good stuff in the past in the genre:

And then, of course, there's AVANTASIA:

If only Tobias Sammet would bring that same songwriting skill and passion to his main band, EDGUY... Those guys went from being one of the finest power metal bands around to just another boring generic hard-rock band.

And finally, completely off-topic but still utterly awesome, check out the almighty BRUCE DICKINSON's work from his last solo album:

Hard to believe it's been more than 10 years since the Son of God Bruce released his last solo album. I'd say he's overdue to give us another one, but I really want him fully recovered from his recent fight with cancer. He's a living legend- and I cannot wait to see him bouncing around the stage like a man possessed the next time IRON MAIDEN are on tour.


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