Dear Japan, WTFH?!

First I came across this at John C. Wright's blog:

Yes, that is in fact a bunch of schoolgirls driving tanks for a sporting event.

And then I came across this today at Vox Day's pad:

They're still scraping what's left of my brains off the ceiling of my apartment.

Oh but wait, it gets better- or worse, I suppose, depending on your point of view:

And even weirder still:

Compared to all of that, a GALNERYUS video is downright sane:

At least there isn't a ridiculous amount of fanservice in that vi-

Um... Never mind. And while the brain surgeons are piecing what little is left of my sanity back together, you can enjoy probably the ONLY sane anime that Japan has ever produced.

... That's it. I give up.


  1. Yep, Japan is king of weird.

    1. Any country where squid-flavoured ice cream is a real thing, has definitely got a few screws loose.


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