Crazy, but never stupid

Antidem wrote up a truly great post recently about the wisdom that he has gleaned from a rather unusual friend of his. It is a long write-up, but worth every last word. His friend, "Psycho Dish", has some excellent pearls to cast before us poor swine:
“I’ll tell you, this is what happens when you get married for all the wrong reasons,” Psycho Dish told me, as he stared down into his glass, “and it’s easy to do when you’re blinded by the other person being different or exotic. Relationships between people of different races or cultures are tough that way. I’m not saying that nobody should ever do it, but you gotta be extra careful – way more than you’d be otherwise. You have to make damn sure that what you’re marrying is the girl: not her culture, not her country, not a mystique, not your dreams of what Asian girls – or whoever it is that you’re involved with – are like. Marry the girl, or don’t, because in the end, it’s her – not any of that other stuff – that you have to wake up next to every morning.”
They sure don't teach you that stuff in college anymore, what with all of the lessons on "safe sex" and "tolerance" and "diversity" and the horrors of "fat shaming".

And then there are Psycho Dish's views on modern women:
“Here’s the honest truth – women got two things: pussy, and bullshit. It’s all a matter of how much of one you’re willing to put up with for how much of the other.” 
That one made me smile a little. “So the problem with The Empress is that she’s got a bad P over B ratio?” 
Right now, dude, all of ‘em do. Bad enough for me to stay away, at least. I did the husband and father thing, and I tried my best at it. I like to think I’m still a good father to the boy. But where I’m at in life right now, I’ve got my little place to myself where it’s nice and quiet, I’ve got my books to read, I’ve got an old laptop with Netflix on it, I’ve got a fifth of not-half-bad whiskey sitting on my shelf, and no offense to womankind, but I can’t think of anything much I need to add to that to be content.” 
“Nothing?” I asked, with a little smile. 
Psycho Dish smirked. “Yeah, okay, so maybe Netflix isn’t the only kind of videos I watch on that laptop. But getting the real thing just isn’t worth disturbing my peace over.” 
I took a little sip from the drink I’d been nursing, and thought. Finally I asked: “Does that mean you’re done with women for good?” 
Hey, if the right one came along, who knows? But I’m not putting myself out on the meat market just for the sake of doing it, and I’m not going to chase after women I don’t really like just to not be alone.” 
“So what you’re saying is that no company is better than bad company?”
Every extreme introvert, ever, can relate to this. Once you "unplug", as it were, and start understanding reality for what it is, you will find the conversations of people around you to be well-nigh unbearable. It can get so bad, in fact, that you will find yourself wishing that you had a giant "OFF" switch that could simply turn off everybody, and thereby tune out their inanity.

And you will find this to be a particularly severe problem with young, modern women.

If you work in an office environment- as I do- you'll often find yourself hemmed in by cubicles under harsh, sterile artificial lighting. That situation does nothing for a free man- we were never meant to spend 8-12 hours of our day sitting around staring at artificial light under more artificial lights. But as bad as that is, things get infinitely worse when you are surrounded by young, college-educated women.

Depending on your disposition and personality, you might find this to be what fighter jocks call a "target-rich environment". Or, you could find it to be so full of stupid gossip, inane banter, and absurd bitchy nonsense that your only solace is to retreat into the blessed isolation of music piped through headphones.

And that is just at work. Dating in the modern environment is far, far worse.

This is not to say that quality women do not exist- women who have what Antidem here most amusingly would refer to as a "high P-to-B ratio". But, sadly, they are the exceptions now, not the norm. We live in a truly messed up world where young women are taught that they are worth every bit as much as a man and have every right to expect just as much as their male counterparts- right up until the going gets even the slightest bit difficult, at which point the entire edifice of feminism crumbles right back into dust.

But the best insight from Psycho Dish has to be his understanding, gleaned from being right there on the front lines, of the true nature of communism, and why it always turns into tyranny in the end:
Things got worse, especially for Ginnie. She’d do something responsible, checks would be lighter than expected, and the usual suspects would complain louder. And that wasn’t all. A few of the drivers made crude passes at her that were inappropriate even by early 80s standards. Ginnie broke down in tears at a meeting and asked the more responsible members of the collective to back her up, and some wanted to, but there was really nothing they could do about it. Nobody was the boss, so nobody could discipline or fire anybody else, no matter how badly they behaved. Factions developed – roughly, pro-Ginnie (i.e. people who wanted the business to be stable so that they’d still have a job in the future) and anti-Ginnie (i.e. people who wanted to take every cent they could get, right now, and to hell with the future). People denounced each other at meetings instead of making decisions. Getting anything done became impossible. 
“I understand why communism always ends up with a tyrant in charge”, Psycho Dish once told me, “I was just about ready for a Stalin to come in to Taxi Unlimited, kick some ass, and put things back in shape.” 
But no tyrant ever came to save Taxi Unlimited. Ginnie soldiered on for about a year and a half, but when the economy started picking up and she could get something better, she left. Over the next few months, more people followed her out the door until one day Psycho Dish realized there was nobody sober or sane left in the collective. He knew a sinking ship when he saw one, and made for the exits himself. Taxi Unlimited foundered on for a couple of years after that before finally closing down for good. Today all that’s left of it is a Facebook group open to all the ex-employees who didn’t end up eventually overdosing on something or other. Psycho Dish is on it. So is Ginnie, so I guess that not all of her memories of the place were bad ones. 
The lesson that Psycho Dish took away from the whole experience was that communism works fine at the scale of about ten people who all know and trust each other. Get past a dozen people, and problems start to appear; beyond about 25, it gets totally unmanageable, and either collapses or ends up in tyranny. Trying to run a big enterprise or even a whole country like that – well, that’s just a non-starter.
It is often considered blasphemous among neoreactionary types to even flirt with the idea of admitting that there are some circumstances under which communism actually does work. But if we are to be intellectually honest and rigourous, it is necessary to admit this fact. Communism can work. It has worked- just never for very long, and never on a large scale.

The problem with communism, as Psycho Dish discovered and quite rightly points out, is that it can only ever work at the most local possible level.

Communist societies have been tried throughout human history. Every single one has always failed eventually- usually within just a few years, sometimes within a generation or two, always within a century, and always with great human suffering involved at some point. Even ancient Sparta, which was about as close to an "egalitarian" society as we'll probably ever see, was not really about true equality; the ten to twenty-five thousand homoioi, or "peers", were supported by a population of damn near 300,000 slaves. And all such attempts at creating and enforcing equality have failed for the exact same reasons that Psycho Dish points out.

It comes down to trust. The only working example of a "communist" society that we have in modern times, the kibbutzim of Israel, worked only because everyone knew each other, and everyone trusted each other. They were all in it together. They faced the same dangers. They reaped the same rewards. They toiled for the same common goal. And because of this, they were able, for a while at least, to ignore the basic differences that separate men from other men, and men from women.

But even the kibbutzim broke down over time, for reasons that surprised precisely no one other than the Jewish Utopian socialists who tried to engineer their way around the realities of the human condition.

It all goes to show that maybe that crazy drunk sitting at the bar stool next to you isn't really all that crazy after all. He might just have a few words of great wisdom to share.

Just don't tempt fate- ninety-nine times out of a hundred, he really is crazy.


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