Bring on the Guardians

An in-depth look at what, as far as I am personally concerned, is the ONLY game of 2015 that we should really, REALLY care about for the Xbox One:

If that evidence is anything to go by, HALO 5: Guardians will indeed be amazing.

343 Industries has a huge amount riding on this game. This, as far as they are concerned, is it. HALO 4 got a lot of stick from fans and the industry- mostly for the wrong reasons, in my opinion; I thought then and still think today that it was one of the best games I've ever played, and was a worthy and emotionally powerful follow-up to HALO 3.

Given that I consider H3 to be the greatest game ever released, of any genre, that's high praise.

But not all HALO fans think like me. Nor should they. And quite a lot of them disliked H4 because of its focus on more personal relationships rather than the epic scale and scope of previous games. They also didn't much care for the new villain. And I will readily admit that H4's gameplay was not quite as engrossing as that of its predecessors, for a variety of reasons.

With this game, 343i has a chance to prove to everyone that the HALO franchise is theirs to own, develop, and expand. They must succeed with this one. Anything less than a blockbuster will be a failure for them.

October 27th should, therefore, be a very interesting day...


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