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Getting shot by a would-be assassin tends to give one a certain perspective on things...
I've known for quite some time now that Ronald Reagan was underestimated and written off many times during his lifetime by his opponents- though never by his true enemies, who understood exactly who and what he was. And what he was, quite simply, was a badass:
One of President Ronald Reagan’s leading biographers says that Reagan carried a concealed handgun for about 14 years following his attempted assassination at the hands of John Hinckley Jr., confirming a recent claim made by author Brad Meltzer. 
Meltzer, a best-selling thriller writer, wrote in the New York Daily News over the weekend that he was told about Reagan’s heat-packing ways while researching an upcoming novel. While touring the headquarters of the Secret Service, Meltzer says one of the agents there mentioned that Reagan carried a revolver in his briefcase during his years as president. 
“Whatever you think of Reagan, you have to admit, he had a black belt in badassery,” Meltzer wrote. 
The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Craig Shirley, a notable Reagan biographer, who said that Meltzer’s claim is completely true and independently confirmed by his own research.
Indeed he did. The stories of President Reagan's courage in the face of his enemies are numerous and have only come to light relatively recently. One of my favourite stories about him concerns his actions during the Hollywood strikes in the 1950s- a time during which Hollywood writers' and actors' unions were infiltrated by Communist Party members and by agitators funded by the USSR. During that time, homes were bombed, people were physically beaten, and an atmosphere of fear and intimidation hovered over the major studio lots.

Ronald Reagan, in his capacity as president of the Hollywood Screen Actors' Guild, was asked to come into the studio lots through the storm drains, so as to avoid the worst of the fighting.

He flatly refused.

No matter what you think of the man's politics- and he was not quite the conservative hero that the right in this country would like to believe he was- there is no question that he had tremendous courage.

Now, in the interests of scrupulous fairness, we must be willing to note one major failing with regard to Reagan's record on gun rights. He was not quite the ardent defender of the sacred right- the duty- to keep and bear arms that his hagiographers and biggest fans would like you to believe he was:
The Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 will be remembered as an important piece of legislation for gun rights. However, Reagan also cast his support behind the two most controversial pieces of gun control legislation of the past 30 years. His support of the Assault Weapons Ban in 1994 may have directly led to the ban winning the approval of Congress. Congress passed the ban by a vote of 216-214. In addition to Klug voting for the ban after Reagan’s last minute plea, Rep. Dick Swett, D-N.H., also credited Reagan’s support of the bill for helping him decide to cast a favorable vote.
In other words, he was a strong and firm defender of gun rights... except when he wasn't.

Still a badass by any standard, though. 


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