Hang on to your eardrums

Can't believe I'd never heard of these guys before today:

DAYYYYYYUMM. That woman can SING.

Reminds me a lot of Kobra (aka Brittany) Paige from KOBRA AND THE LOTUS. Another chick-fronted band with great music and killer vocals.

In my opinion, there aren't actually that many female-fronted metal bands that are really worth listening to. There's, oh, let's see... NIGHTWISH... DELAIN... the aforementioned KATL... Floor Jansen's REVAMP (but that's because it's Floor freakin' Jansen)... AMARANTHE, I suppose, just because they're so damn goofy... maybe XANDRIA...

Yeah, that's about it.

Oh, right, and these guys:

If, on the other hand, you're just interested in pure over-the-top murder & mayhem, that's what STRIKER are for:


  1. That was fragging great, Thank you!

  2. Within Temptation

    Other than a few tracks, I'd leave Evanescence off even if they were my gateway to Within Temptation and NIghtwish

    Some awesome stuff listed here.

    1. I started listening to WT something like 10 years ago, back when they released the tracks "Ice Queen" and "Mother Earth". They were pretty decent, but I thought that their album The Silent Force was pretty naff, so I stopped for a long while. My sister- who got hooked on them thanks to me- tells me that the last couple of albums have been very good, though.

      My sister also went through this big Goth phase for a while back in her teens- EVANESCENCE were a big part of that. I could never get into more than a couple of their songs. I will say this for them, though- they do know how to have a good laugh at all the SPINAL TAP-esque things that happen on tour.


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