Yes, boycott Mad Max: Fury Road


Our stolid friend Captain Capitalism recently wrote an article over at Return of Kings calling on men NOT to see the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely. (The latter is known for basically looking really hot in lingerie, and then really really hot in a Transformers movie. Coincidentally, that movie was the worst of the Transformers series, until the 4th one came along and shat the bed.)

The article unsurprisingly inflicted epic amounts of ass pain upon the mainstream media, who got quite hot and bothered about the fact that men might be annoyed at the idea that feminists would usurp a movie supposedly MADE FOR THEM.

Now, I have not seen the movie. I have seen the trailer, and... well, it looks freakin' awesome:


It looks like possibly the most manly, badass, over-the-top, great movie since... well, Kingsmen.

So, does it live up to the hype?

Judging by the reviews of those non-brainwashed men who actually went to see the movie yesterday, it appears that the answer is a definitive "NO":

If this movie is indeed what Mark Dice and Aaron Clarey and others say it is, then it deserves to be boycotted by men who still have balls, brains, and enough blood to work at least one of these organs at a time.

There is nothing in the world wrong with making movies designed specifically for women. They're called "chick flicks", they are almost always absolutely terrible when judged by any reasonable standard, and in terms of messages, they pour the most vile of poisons into the eyes and ears of the women who watch them. You know, or will find out sooner or later, how most chick flicks go:
  • Amazing Girl with great career, friends, sex life, huge apartment in New York City, and sassy wit meets Bad Boy
  • Bad Boy has a great time sleeping around with Amazing Girl's friends, and eventually manages to get around to boinking Amazing Girl herself
  • Bad Boy sees the error of his womanising, hard-drinking, hard-partying ways and falls into twoo wove with Amazing Girl
  • Amazing Girl is such a Strong Independent Woman that she proves how little she needs a man in her life by needing a man in her life more than ever
  • Bad Boy becomes a Sackless Beta, settles down with Amazing Girl, and they all live happily ever after- in Amazing Girl's huge loft apartment, in the middle of freaking NEW YORK CITY
There are several variations and flavours of this sort of nonsense, but you get the basic idea. The fact that such movies are completely counterfactual and hopelessly unrealistic is beside the point- this stuff is chick-crack. It is emotionally addictive to women because it hits them right where they are most vulnerable- in the deepest darkest hidden hypergamous desires that every woman has, whether she gives voice and rein to them or not.

If women choose to watch them, then that's on them and they alone are responsible. I have no problem whatsoever with women watching, paying for, and emotionally masturbating to chick flicks.

Just leave that nonsense out of action movies marketed at men.

There is a reason why men of my generation remember great TV shows like The A-Team with such fondness. It is because these were shows by men, for men, with a purely masculine sense of over-the-top fun and lunacy. This is also why I love Top Gear so much.

And it is that sense of free-wheeling, madcap inventiveness that made the original Mad Max film such a classic.

The new one, by contrast, seems to be aimed specifically at turning men- all men- into villains, buffoons, incompetent weaklings, and/or sadistic and twisted lunatics, yet markets itself as an action movie aimed at the evergreen male tastes for explosions, fast cars, and girls.

Bottom line: don't bother watching this movie. Feminists may harp and screech all they like about how "the patriarchy" is abusing them, but the one thing that they cannot do- yet- is force us to watch a movie made by feminists and designed to push a feminist agenda down our throats.

Instead, save your money for better things- like, say, supporting the almighty RUSH on their R40 tour, for instance, or supporting Bill Whittle's conservative, crowd-funded film projects over at Declaration Entertainment. At least with those, you'll get real bang-for-buck, rather than the endless series of eardrum-shattering pyrotechnics that appear to be Mad Max: Fury Road's substitute for plot, character, and charm.


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