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A few days ago, a brave and enterprising woman named Pamela Geller- whose work you may be familiar with if, like me, you regard the religion of so-called "peace" with the contempt that it deserves- held an art exhibit involving depictions of the "prophet" of Islam, Mohammed. Now, if you know anything about Islam, you'll know that depicting his high-and-mightiness is one of the fastest and easiest ways to enrage Muslims, because they really don't like it when what they regard as the perfect and ultimate man is actually given a face.

And that, of course, is precisely what happened.

Two blokes with guns drove up, opened fire on the crowd- there were roughly 300 people at the event, doing no harm to anyone in any way- and were shot and killed by one of the security guards there.

That security guard should have received a medal. And Ms. Geller should have been upheld as an example for the rest of the Right to follow.

Unfortunately, instead of reacting with praise for the guard and for the courageous Ms. Geller, quite a few figures on the right have condemned her for "provoking" Muslims by attacking their faith.

Oddly enough, however, the exact same characters are inexplicably nowhere to be found whenever Christians are attacked for their faith and respond by doing what real Christians do: vigourously defend their righteous and decent faith through argument and reason, rather than by trying to shoot those who disagree with them.

This right-wing circular firing squad then invoked the stupidest of all possible arguments when Bill O'Reilly argued that Jesus Christ, whom Christians rightly and correctly regard as the true source of Divine revelation and wisdom, would not have done what Ms. Geller did.

My friends on the right, let me tell you this: if a mere heathen like me can see how idiotic this line of argument is, then there really is no excuse whatsoever for you Churchians to believe this nonsense.

John Nolte's withering response to Bill O'Reilly's misinformed opinion was pitch-perfect:
Who is this Jesus Christ Bill O’Reilly speaks of?

The Jesus Christ who offended and provoked the Religious by entering their temple, overturning tables and chairs, and name-called, using words like “ROBBER!” — that Jesus?

The Jesus who flagrantly provoked others by violating religious law — that Jesus?

The Jesus who called religious leaders (Pharisees) “hypocrites!” — that Jesus?

The Jesus who called the Pharisees a “brood of vipers” — that Jesus?

Jesus Christ was a revolutionary.

A radical.

When Jesus turned the other cheek, it wasn’t an act of surrender, it was pure defiance. Hit me again — I will not yield.
And that, my friends, is Christianity.

Christianity is not about yielding meekly before evil. Christianity is not about being "nice". Christianity is not about being soft, squishy, or easily led.

Christianity was, and remains, a radical and deeply uncomfortable set of timeless truths, handed down to us by a loving and eternal Creator who has given His children endless chances to redeem ourselves, to become more than these fallen and broken shells. As proof of His love for us, He gave us the Lord Christ- and we scorned Him, we tormented and tortured Him, and we killed Him.

And yet, despite everything that we did to spit in the Lord's face, still He delivered upon His promise to us. Still He proved to us that He does, indeed, have faith in us, even if we do not have faith in Him.

The Lord Christ was not some weak-kneed long-haired hippie, preaching love and tolerance and communal harmony. He was a wise; He was just; He was strong; He was endlessly compassionate without ever being wishy-washy.

He was, quite simply, the living embodiment of Truth itself.

Truth is not comfortable, easy, or soft. It is difficult to handle; it is even more difficult to live with. That is precisely why so many Christians fall short of the fully glory of the teachings of Christ, and yet they try valiantly even so.

There is nothing "nice" or "accommodating" about Truth. It simply is what it is, and trying to tart it up with soft words and foolish nonsense does not change it.

Which brings us to what the Lord actually said, and what He actually did.

When the Lord Christ commanded His followers to turn the other cheek, He wasn't trying to tell His followers to be "nice" and "accommodating". He was telling them to refuse to yield in the face of wanton aggression.

In order to understand just how astonishingly radical this teaching is, you have to have stood in the path of danger- and refused to flinch. You have to have been in a position to see doom thundering towards you- and refused to get out of the way. You have to have stared right into the abyss- and then refused to listen to your brain, which is screaming at you to yield, to save yourself from pain and harm.

You have to have balls the size of church bells to spit in the face of the established authority of tyrants and kings and Pharisees, who could destroy you in an instant, and simply smile at them when they threaten to do their worst.

You have to be foolhardy to the point of near-insanity to simply stand there and take a beating while refusing to lift a finger in your defence, as if to mock those beating you for their sheer inability to break you.

Jesus did all of this, and more besides.

That is the example that He set. He wasn't trying to be "nice" or easygoing. How many times did He tell us that He had come "not to bring peace but a sword", to set brother against brother and father against son? Did He not say that those who followed Him would be reviled and scorned, spat upon, persecuted, tormented, tortured, and killed for their audacious insistence on believing in the truth in a world governed by lies?

I am not a Christian. I haven't even read all the way through the Bible yet. And even I can tell that Bill O'Reilly has absolutely no idea what the hell he's talking about when he argues that Jesus would not have provoked Islamists the way Ms. Geller did.

Pardon me, Mr. O'Reilly, but based on the evidence that we have before us, that is exactly what Jesus would have done.

The King of Kings would have stood, fearless and mighty in His terrible splendour, before those who believe in the blasphemous and twisted parodies of His teachings that Islam claims to be. He would have urged His followers to stand firm, with their faith in Him and in the Father to sustain them, in the face of unspeakable evil. He would have told us not to despair, not to fear, because for those who stand fast and who believe, the reward is eternal salvation and the release from the terror of death that has, at some point, defined the life of every man who has ever lived- except one.

How do we know this? Because that is what He promised when He walked this Earth- and because that is what He delivered when He died and was resurrected.

So, the next time someone- whether on the Left or the Right- is stupid enough to use the "What Would Jesus Do" to pretend that Christ would not have stood up to evil and corruption, remember what Jesus actually did, and set your friend straight.


  1. Geller set them up and I believe had 40 armed security waiting for them. They fell right into her trap.

  2. Sermon quality post. Well done.


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