That's one way to deal with the problem

... don't care if you like Lena Dunham or not, she's not a child molester
And here's the problem
China’s top court said it has executed a primary school teacher found guilty of raping or sexually abusing 26 girls.

Li Jishun had committed the crimes between 2011 and 2012 while teaching at a village school in Gansu province.

He preyed on pupils aged 4 to 11 who were “young and timid,” according to a statement by the Supreme People’s Court reported by local media.

It said there have been more than 7,000 child sex abuse cases in recent years and that the trend is on the rise.

Li had raped 21 of his victims and sexually abused the other five in classrooms, dormitories, and the forest surrounding the village near Wushan town.

The statement said that some of his victims had been raped or abused more than once. It made no mention of how he was caught.

But it said that the Gansu court had found him “a grave threat to society” and noted that he had committed the crimes within just one year.
Let me add the very necessary caveat that, in the US, it is entirely possible for a small percentage of men who are branded sexual offenders to be wrongly convicted. There have been a fair few of these cases- and the men who are wrongly convicted are forced to watch as their lives, their health, their sanity, and their futures are completely destroyed. In the eyes of society, it doesn't matter that they were wrongly convicted; all that matters is that they were once labelled with the epithet, "child molester".

In no way should a society devoted to the rule of law hand out convictions for child molestation lightly.

With that caveat in mind, let me also say that when there is incontrovertible proof that a man- or a woman- has sexually abused a child, then there is no need to hold back.

Such behaviour is abomination. It must be punished swiftly and without mercy. And for once, I'd say the Chinese are on to something.

In fact, just imagine what would have happened if we'd applied their standard of justice to known paedophiles- like, say, Marion Zimmer Bradley. And Edward Kramer. And, of course, our favourite bearer of false witness and general waste of otherwise good blood and organs, the Dunham Horror.

Basically, we would have gotten shot of this lot- literally- and in the process, would have gone some distance toward breathing some real life back into the twitching corpse of Western culture.

So tell me- where's the bad?

In fact, if historical patterns are any guide, this return to what the bleeding hearts of the Progressive Left would undoubtedly shriek is a horrible and unfair and extreme form of punishment, is very likely to take place.

Cultures rise and fall based on their inherent strength. A culture that is weak and insipid will inevitably be shoved aside by one that is stronger. In the case of Western culture, that replacement is likely to be Islamic at first- and never let it be forgotten that the reality of child abuse within Islam makes the child molesters of the West look like absolute pikers by comparison.

But eventually, the insanity of Mohammedanism will be replaced as well- likely by a resurgent Judeo-Christian morality that will, hopefully, have learned a very harsh and painful lesson about the futility of accommodation with evil.

And when that day comes, do not be surprised if child molesters are, indeed, rounded up, herded out back, and shot.


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