Synthol: not even once

How on Earth do people convince themselves that physiques like this are to be emulated?!?

In case you're curious about what synthol is or does, the video above explains it pretty well. Synthol is basically just an oil, combined with alcohol- and the only reason for the latter is to avoid infection. That is how nasty this stuff is- you literally have to inject alcohol directly into your muscles in order to avoid harming yourself.

And even then, you probably won't avoid serious long-term damage if you use it "in excess". The stuff could leak out of your muscles; your muscles could become riddled with hard cysts; they could even explode.

So what's the upside of using synthol?

Well... to be honest, it's hard to think of one.

The stuff doesn't make you stronger. It doesn't make you look better- take a look at any of the synthol freaks out there and you'll see physiques that look sloppy, poorly proportioned, grotesque, and malformed. Even professional bodybuilders don't use the stuff except in limited amounts before competitions, and then they use it to give their muscles volume and definition that wouldn't happen otherwise.

In other words, it's an expensive, dangerous, and not particularly effective substitute for real hard work within the crucible of the Iron God.

If you're following the advice of this blog or others like it, you won't go anywhere near this crap. There is no substitute for honest, difficult, incremental gains made through focus and dedication to the iron, which gives you real strength and real confidence. Don't waste your time trying to pursue stupid and dangerous shortcuts; instead, focus on what is important, and the rest will take care of itself.


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