Rule Britannia

That seems like an awful lot of hassle when all I wanted was a cool sword.
Given what I've seen of what is left of what used to be the greatest civilisation on Earth, I'd say that's about right.


  1. I've heard that phrase before and I wonder... just how in hell does Brittannia or England qualify as the 'greatest civilization on Earth'? You Anglophones seem to have a problem processing what deep down inside you know to be true: Brittannia or England is the cancer or destruction of the 'greatest civilization on Earth', this is something altogether different, the virus is not the host. You need to learn to separate myths from reality.

    1. I said it used to be the greatest. One doesn't rule a country of 300 million people with just 100,000 civil servants, as the British Empire did with India, unless one has a strong and powerful civilisation.

      Nowadays it's a different story, obviously.

    2. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I see your point; I just don't equate it with civilization.


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