Honour the fallen... by bringing the rest home

Memorial Day Cartoons

The fact that this country still takes, even today, such enormous pride in its soldiers is one of the many, many things that I love about it. You have to travel outside of the US to understand just how unusual it is to find a country that not only loves but reveres its military personnel. Most European nations, with perhaps the very notable exception of the United Kingdom, mostly pay lip service to the notion of honouring their war dead.

That is because they have grown so comfortable and cozy in their little worlds without war that they literally cannot comprehend the notion of fighting, bleeding, and dying for any concept so ephemeral as freedom, or so concrete as their own cultural values and norms. They have forgotten what freedom really means. They no longer understand that this amazing thing we call "freedom" comes at a truly terrible cost, and that nations which refuse to shoulder this cost will eventually find that they are unable to hold on to what they valued so little until it is too late.

Not so in America. Not yet.

Here, the very real cost of liberty, that most valuable and most wonderful of all of the Creator's gifts, is still remembered. Here, entire cemeteries are set aside solely to house the last remains- and all too often not even that much- of the flower of this nation's youth.

Here, every year, there is a very real and very painful sense of loss to be found throughout the country when tallies are taken of the sons (and far, far too many daughters) who will never again walk through the front door of their parents' home.

On this day, let us remember those who died doing what they believed to be just and right- no matter how foolish and how wrong the causes for which they fought.

For that is the situation this country is in now. It squanders its most precious asset, the blood of its fighting men, in vainglorious pursuits of empire in distant foreign shores. It is bleeding its military dry through politics and stupidity at the behest of its leaders, and the incompetence, stupidity, and sheer crass historical ignorance of its utterly worthless current Commander-in-Chief.

This country insists on sending its troops to fight wars for which the US military is utterly unprepared- 4th-Generation or non-trinitarian wars that break all the rules of existing American war-fighting doctrine. Its last three wars, in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, whether declared or not, all followed exactly the same deeply depressing pattern: bold declarations of overwhelming firepower to be applied to individual targets, followed by a near-complete rout by technologically unsophisticated but tactically skilled weaker opponents.

The cost of these misadventures has been truly staggering. More than 20,900 dead and wounded during the (ongoing) war in Afghanistan. More than 36,000 dead and wounded during the exercise in utter futility that was the "liberation" and occupation of Iraq. The total economic costs of all of these wars has exceeded $4.4 TRILLION.

In the space of just 15 years, this country has spent roughly as much on "fighting them over there, so we don't have to fight them over here", as the entire country of Japan produces in a single fiscal year.

And for what?

What grand strategic cause could possibly justify so many tens of thousands of dead and maimed American soldiers? What could possibly be a good reason for spending money that the country does not have on ends that the country does not need?

It is already abundantly clear that 4th-Generation war, in the form of the Third Wave of Islamic jihadist expansion, is happening right here on American soil. If the goal of all of these ridiculous wars was to prevent Islamic totalitarianism from taking hold here, then that policy has failed. Utterly, totally, and abjectly.

It is also perfectly obvious that this country cannot defend its own borders, let alone the borders of countries roughly a third of the way around the world. Illiterate Mexican peasants swarm over the southern border every day in what amounts to the greatest undeclared invasion of a sovereign state in history. And instead of being met with a completely justified hail of bullets to keep them out, your country insists on dusting off the best of the household furniture for their use.

Is this what your sons and daughters died for? To see their nation corrupted and destroyed, enfeebled within and invaded without?

Bring the troops home. Use their blood and their valour for the true purpose for which those magnificent qualities were always intended: to defend the Homeland, from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

On this day, remember those who died, so that we might be free. And remember that their sacrifices will indeed have been in vain, if those of us who yet live, continue to squander that which they purchased.


  1. Happy to say Australia still values it departed soldiers too. Anzac services are still very well attended each year, with many young people still showing a surprising understanding of the costs of freedom. The universities haven't subverted all of them yet.


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