The best day for the worst jokes

I love April Fool's Day:

CERN confirms that the Force exists and is, in fact, awake
This is BMW's idea of a mouth guard. I wonder how it would stand up to a sparring match?
april fools ms-dos phone
And this is Microsoft's next smartphone operating system- which, like EVERY SINGLE WINDOWS UPGRADE EVER, is actually a giant step backward
(OK, to be as scrupulously fair as possible, I will admit that Windows XP and Windows 7 were, and remain, excellent operating systems... for WinDOZE, anyway.)

One last one, in honour of a certain woman with whom I spent an inordinate amount of time over the last few weeks who rather unfortunately decided to tell me that she doesn't really know how to parallel-park, and then just sort of assumed I would forget about it:


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