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The SJWs appear to be very, very unhappy at the massive inroads made by the Sad Puppies campaign to hold science fiction to a higher standard:
The Hugo Awards have been at the centre of a furore after two campaigns successfully prevented female authors and authors of colour from being proportionally nominated. Some people are comparing the controversy to GamerGate, which in 2014 saw coordinated misogynist attacks aimed at people who spoke out about sexism in the gaming industry. 
In 2014 the Hugo Awards celebrated the increasing diversity of sci-fi and fantasy writers, with younger writers, women and people of colour all picking up awards. [Didact: All of this wonderful VIBRANCY!!! At the cost of actual, y'know, talent that would have given fans of science fiction some real pleasure.] At the time, pop culture website io9 commented that the awards heralded "a sea change". 
The nominations for this year's awards were announced on Saturday and showed that two campaign groups, the Gamergate-affiliated Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies, have succeeded in getting a list of predominately male, white writers nominated. [Didact: Dear God Almighty, but these people are morons.]
The Hugo Awards are voted for by members of World Science Fiction Convention, who pay $40 (£26) for membership, which allows them to vote for nominations in 2016, too. For the third year running, Sad Puppies encouraged their followers to vote for their selection of nominees, making the greatest impact yet. 
On February 1, Sad Puppies released their selection, urging readers: "If you agree with our slate below — and we suspect you might — this is YOUR chance to make sure YOUR voice is heard." 
Sad Puppies has been spearheaded by Brad R Torgersen and Larry Correia, two members of the sci-fi and fantasy community who have critised the "rarefied and insular" group of fans they believe were responsible for women and non-white authors winning Hugo Awards last year. Debut author Kameron Hurley was among the women picking up Hugos in the 2014 ceremony. 
Torgersen accused the Hugos of being "an affirmative action award: giving Hugos because a writer or artist is (insert underrepresented minority or victim group here) or because a given work features (insert underrepresented minority or victim group here) characters." 
Theodore Beale, who goes under the pen-name of Vox Day and runs Rabid Puppies, has received Hugo Award nominations in two different Editing categories, following his own inclusion on the Rabid Puppies' suggested slate. Beale is also lead editor of Castalia House, which has received nine Hugo Award nominations this year. 
Members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have called for Beale's exclusion from the group after he has written against women's suffrage and posted racist views towards black writer NK Jemisin. 
Io9 has commented, "it's a weird turn of events that, the year after Hurley's double win, we see list of nominees that includes someone published by Patriarchy Press." Patriarchy Press is a "joke" e-publisher created by Hugo-nominated author Michael Z Williamson.
Melt some tar and start plucking some feathers, my friends. The useful idiots of the mainstream media apparently do not realise that their desperate attempts to smear the Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies slates are backfiring horribly upon them; in the spirit of comradeship and brotherhood, I say that we get in on this epic dogpile while we can.

The Daily Telegraph was once a highly respected and respectable newspaper. But now, even its own readers are beginning to recognise that it produces little more than thinly disguised SJW-pandering propaganda. And judging by the reactions to the suspiciously anonymous article posted on the Telegraph's website, its own readers are fed to the back teeth with this ridiculous attempt at smearing both #Gamergate and Sad Puppies with the tar-brush of BADTHINK!!! and FEELBADZ!!!:

The reality that the SJWs are discovering, to their utter shock and horror, is that they dramatically overestimated their own intelligence, strength, numbers, and power. As Vox Day pointed out quite well earlier today, they are so occupied with the task of sniffing each other's farts that they literally cannot imagine anything else. And they certainly cannot comprehend the notion that the rest of us might find their afflatus to be disgusting and offensive.

As I'll be pointing out in my next Reaxxion column, the reason they were able to get away with their flagrant abuses of sense, decency, and taste for so long is that the rest of us let them. When the progressive-minded among us decided that first movies, and then television, had to conform to their point of view and no one else's, the rest of us moved on to sci-fi and fantasy writing. When the SJWs decided to make both genres as queer as a three-dollar bill with their nonsensical stories of dinosaur rape porn and Strong Independent WIMMENZ soldiers who could out-badass the BAMFiest of their male counterparts without ever mussing their mascara, the rest of us moved on to video games.

But now that they have attempted to take their foul and putrid ideology into gaming, we have discovered that there is nowhere else for us to go. Our backs are against the wall- and we have now discovered, thanks to #Gamergate, that WE are strong and they are weak.

And we will not be pushed anymore. Enough is enough. Now it is time for them to be afraid. And they are, indeed, terrified.

You can see their fear and loathing and hatred in the near-hysterical reactions that they have issued in the face of the massive success of Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies.

They insist that both slates exclude women and Persons of Colour, whatever the hell that means- even though both slates are PACKED with both women and non-white writers.

They claim, without a single shred of evidence to support it, that "dark forces" have somehow corrupted and perverted the nominations process- despite the fact that the entire process was created by them to maintain their grip on power.

They shriek that "exclusive cliques" are sweeping their awards- and yet this year's slates provided more fan input to a supposedly fan-led award than there has been for years.

The Sad Puppies slate succeeded precisely because it took the rules of the game that the perverts among the SJW set created to sustain their own power and success, and used those same rules against them. Brad Torgersen, Sarah Hoyt, Larry Correia, Vox Day, and all of the many others who have contributed so much great writing to their genres over the last few years deserve tremendous credit for turning the enemy's perceived strengths into glaring and terrible weaknesses that the rest of us can now exploit with near impunity.

First through #Gamergate, and now through Sad/Rabid Puppies, we are proving that we can face them anywhere, anytime, on their own ground, and DESTROY them.

Victory is not guaranteed. Our enemies are numerous, devious, and backed by the full power and force of the establishment that they created specifically to maintain their power and authority. We face many long and terrible battles ahead before we can reclaim our culture and rebuild our civilisation.

Yet that, my friends, is our glorious burden. It falls upon us to fight back against the filth and folly that has been imposed upon us. It is up to us to do what must be done.

Will you not join us?


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