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It has been a rather good week for those of us who don't take kindly to being told what is good for us. The Supreme Dark Overlord of the Evil Legion of Evil has kindly provided the rest of us with some rather good examples of the rabbits/SJWs/CHORFs displaying classic Fighting Retreat tactics over the massive surprise that was this year's Hugo Award nominations process, and as His Evilness pointed out,
Criticism isn't war. But taking over the SF establishment for ideological purposes is war. Of course they don't like the fact that an opposition has arisen and is fighting back. That's why they tried to discredit and disqualify and defenestrate me 10 years ago. They correctly sensed a potentially dangerous enemy and attempted to marginalize me. But I'm still here, and more importantly, I am not alone
That's why they are suddenly declaring there is no war. But it's too late. The mask has been ripped off and too many have seen the true face of the SJWs.
Damn right, he's not alone. Yours truly is proud to be a Minion of the Evil Legion of Evil- in fact, the ELE is now handing out badges. And they're going fast.

If you want one too, do not forget to contact His Evilness right bloody now with the word "MINION" in the subject line of your email. Your Minionmail ensures that you will get a unique numbered badge with the immortal, defiant screed, "WE DON'T CARE", emblazoned upon it.

Fighting To Win

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This past month, we have seen increasing evidence that the fight to take back our culture is being won, on multiple fronts. And these victories could not come at a more necessary or important time, either.

It's important to understand and remember that, for the past forty years, those of us of a conservative, freedom-loving bent have been losing the culture wars. And we were losing badly. We lost arguments about gay "marriage", about abortion, about freedom of conscience and religion and association, and about the rights of Man and of the deference we owe to Mankind's Creator.

We lost them because, instead of holding our ground and defending what is right and just, we kept succumbing to arguments that sounded "reasonable", couched in persuasive but mealy-mouthed terms about "freedom".

Our opponents among the progressives and moderates of this world were, and remain, exceptionally good at making these arguments. With gay "marriage", for instance, their argument has always been that government has no right to dictate what marriage is.

And they are entirely right about this.

But then, they use our same distrust of strong government to expand the powers of that government, to the point that, if you are willing to exercise your right to freedom of association and refuse to cater to gay clients or perform gay "wedding" ceremonies, you are hauled into court for "discrimination".

This Madness Must End

One way or another, we have to stop it.

And, for the first time in a very long while, we are beginning to see exactly how it might do just that.

Consider our fight to retake science fiction from the hard-Left and reinstate it as a source of wonder and delight in the eyes of the fans. Vox Day's Rabid Puppies campaign to get great works of fiction nominated for sci-fi's most prestigious award has actually been even more successful than its more centrist counterpart, Brad Torgersen's Sad Puppies.

And as I demonstrated in my latest Reaxxion column, holding the line against SJWs is not only good for the soul- it's damn good for business, too:
Until recently, however, the Offendatrons (to borrow a phrase) of the SJW set were having considerable success in forcing game developers and marketers to change their games to reduce the offensiveness of their content. As far as I can tell, they did this by basically threatening to use the power of their stranglehold on the media to influence sales, and by trotting out of the oft-repeated yet highly suspicious statistic that “women make up 40% of all gamers,” or that in some cases female gamers outnumber male ones
As is to be expected from progressives, who thanks to their liberal arts educations generally have vivid imaginations yet lack any real ability to understand mathematics, logic, or facts, their numbers are more than a little screwy, but for a long time the rest of us took them at face value. The results are both unfortunate and plain to see, as beloved franchises like Tomb Raider and Mortal Kombat are made more “correct.” 
However, as the Protein World example makes clear, there is no reason whatsoever to fear offending the Offendatrons. Their entire reason for existing is to be offended, so why bother worrying about them?
Vox Day has several times stated that "rabbits only win when wolves refuse to fight". I do not entirely agree with this, as even the biggest and fiercest wolf can be pulled down if attacked by a large enough mass of rabbits, but there is much truth to the statement.

And now that we are showing our teeth and taking to the field, to take back science fiction, gaming, the media, and eventually our freedom to think and live as we please, we are seeing clear evidence that, in fact, the rabbits are the ones who are badly outnumbered.

What's more, they are seeing it too. And they're soiling themselves.

It is, in many ways, a wonderful time to be alive for those who, like me, are of a conservative or libertarian bent.

If you're looking at your screen with a puzzled expression right now after reading that, I know why.

I know that things look bleak; our own governments wage war daily upon what few freedoms we still have left, and the immense power of the State is being brought to bear upon us in ever greater concentrations.

I know that our societies are crumbling and failing around us, and that our most cherished institutions have become corrupted and subverted from within.

I know that some of our greatest cities burn in the name of those great Leftist buzzwords, "tolerance" and "diversity", and hordes of quasi-barbarian invaders cross our borders to settle in and usurp our lands.

In spite of all of that, we are beginning to turn the tide. Slowly, painfully, and at great cost, to be sure- but then, we are fighting for something of great value too.

Vox Day, Brad Torgersen, and Larry Correia have shown us how to do it in science fiction. #Gamergate has shown us how to do it in video games. The SJWs tried to exercise their particularly noxious form of thought control on heavy metal with #Metalgate, and they were beaten so badly that their allies in the media haven't even bothered covering it. And now we're taking the fight to advertising with Protein World's hugely successful foray into fat-shaming.

Raise Your Glasses

Former British PM Margaret Thatcher dies after stroke - WRCBtv.com ...

Back when Ronald Reagan was busy waging his own war against the Soviet Union- a war which ended when his carefully constructed strategy for winning it resulted in the peaceful breakup of the greatest enemy that free men had ever faced until that point- he was invited to 10 Downing Street for dinner with Margaret Thatcher and her closest advisors. In his book about Reagan's war, Peter Schweizer documents a particularly powerful moment, when the Iron Lady raised her glass to the company and honoured her friend and ally with the words,
I toast to President Reagan, who has put freedom back on the offensive, where it belongs.
In a similar vein, let us now take a moment to acknowledge what has been won- and what must still be retaken- in this long war to restore our culture.

Today is a very special day for me, for a number of reasons. The best thing about it is that I am able to celebrate it with the people I care about the most here at my family's home. And as I look at what has been accomplished thus far in the latest battles to retake our freedoms of thought and inquiry from the Offendatrons who have tried so very hard to remove them from us, I have to say that I think the best is yet to come.


  1. Sadly, Protein World caved in by apologizing and pulling their ads.

    1. The reports I've seen don't indicate that Protein World caved in. Rather, the SJWs did exactly what is to be expected of a 2GW opponent, and decided to use the media equivalent of heavy artillery to saturate-bomb a single obvious target.

      They will certainly be able to force Protein World to pull those ads through recourse to the legal system. But they're going to have a hard time justifying the resulting losses in jobs, revenues, and customers.


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