Get 'em started young

You know you've been doing a little too much Krav Maga when you watch a ridiculously adorable video of a 7-month-old baby playing with a Siberian husky and you find yourself telling the kid to use the dog to practice his triangle and rear-naked chokes:

I'm pretty sure this violated a number of state and Federal ordinances regarding "acceptable" levels of cuteness. I'm just waiting for the Gestapo local SWAT team to break down the door to arrest the kid for "cruelty to animals", or some such nonsense.

Joking aside- it's an ugly world out there. Sometimes it's easy to let that ugliness grind you down and wear you out. Videos like this, though, remind even the most hardened and cynical among us that there is indeed much to be grateful for, and much to enjoy.

And I do hope that when that tiny tot grows up, he (or she- I'm very bad at understanding parental choices regarding infant clothing) gets some training in martial arts. Judging by the look of things, the kid's got some natural aptitude.

Just remember, squirt: the dog isn't trying to hurt you. The rest of the world might not be quite so considerate.


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